Ancient Sunrise Organic Zekhara Indigo for hair color
Ancient Sunrise Organic Zekhara Indigo for hair color - Image 1 of 0
Ancient Sunrise Organic Zekhara Indigo for hair color - Image 2 of 0
Ancient Sunrise Organic Zekhara Indigo for hair color - Image 1 of 0
Ancient Sunrise Organic Zekhara Indigo for hair color - Image 2 of 0
Ancient Sunrise Organic Zekhara Indigo for hair color - Image 1 of 0
Ancient Sunrise Organic Zekhara Indigo for hair color - Image 2 of 0

Ancient Sunrise Zekhara Indigo

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Organic Indigo Powder For Hair Color

If you have a hair dye allergy or have been advised by your physician to not use chemical hair dye to dye your hair, you should be able to use Ancient Sunrise® Zekhara indigo and other Ancient Sunrise® products safely.

Ancient Sunrise Zekhara Indigo, sometimes referred to by the misnomer "indigo henna" or "black henna for hair," is not henna, but partially fermented, dried and powdered organic indigofera tinctoria leaves.

This organic powder is the best indigo hair dye for gray hair. Zekhara indigo can be used with a cassia/henna or henna mix to create different shades of blonde, red, brown, and black hair.*

Even if you're dyeing resistant gray hair, this product will cover beautifully. The fine sift will rinse nicely out of fragile hair and kinky,curly hair without breakage.

For a smooth texture, we recommend that you mix indigo with CMC powder.

Ancient Sunrise® Indigo works on chemically treated hair!You may need to do additional applications for your desired result, depending on how much damage was caused by previous products.

Ancient Sunrise products will not lighten your hair. Color may vary from head to head. For assistance in creating a custom formula, contact customer service.
Find indigo instructions here:

Ancient Sunrise Henna for Hair

"Ancient Sunrise Henna for Hair" explores the art, science, techniques, and history of using henna, indigo, and cassia to dye hair. This book is a timely update of the previous book, "Henna for Hair" by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, to address the problem of the epidemic of para-phenylenediamine sensitization: the increasingly dangerous and widespread allergy to chemical hair dye. Separate chapter headings are listed below for your download convenience. Click on each chapter heading cover below to download each PDF file.

We offer this book free of charge. You may download selected chapters or the entire book. We ask only that you respect our copyright and observe our terms of use. Please see the copyright and licensing information at the bottom of this page.

Chapter 5 "Plants that Dye Hair"

This chapter discusses henna, indigo, and cassia, (lawsoniainermis, indigofera tinctoria , and cassia obovata) and the chemistry of each of these dye plants. Understanding the botany of these plants will help you understand how to get the best results from your henna hair dye.

Chapter 7 "Mixing and Testing Your Henna Mix"

This chapter discusses the mixing, dye release, formulation, and testing of a wide range of non-chemical permanent colors from henna, indigo, and cassia. This chapter includes step-by-step instructions to produce the color you want for your hair.

Chapter 8 "How to Henna Your Hair"

This chapter has step-by-step instructions for first time users dyeing hair blonde, red, brunette or black with henna indigo, and cassia.

Chapter 9 "Gray Hair and Doing Your Roots"

This chapter has step-by-step instructions for maintaining your gray roots as they grow in; dyeing them red,brunette, or black.

Chapter 11 "Henna for Relaxed and Natural Hair"

This chapter contains step-by-step instructions for using henna, cassia, and indigo to dye relaxed hair, natural hair, and locs.

Creative Commons License
"Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair" by Catherine Cartwright-Jones PhD is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

You may share information in this book online as long as you cite the source and post a link to this URL.
You may not use this information on any commercial website or in any commercial publication.

Citation format: Catherine Cartwright-Jones PhD. 2015. "Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair" TapDancing Lizard LLC. Accessible also via,, and


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Maria from Florida
November 28, 2023
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I started having very bad headaches when applying indigo, and I solved it by putting a bandaid on my nose, covering both nostrils, the whole time (from before I mix the indigo to right after I wash it away) so I can't smell. I haven't had any headaches in more than a year of doing this; it definitely was the smell. I hope this helps someone.
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