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Ancient Sunrise Zizyphus Organic Shampoo Powder

ZizyphusSpina Christi is a desert plant. The leaves were powdered andused to wash hair before shampoo was available. It leaveshairclean, shiny, healthy, and well conditioned. It does not leaveany color in the hair. If your hair has been chemically bleached, please test first, the results may be peculiar.

Mix Zizyphus Spina Christi with filtered or distilled water until it is a paste about asthick as yogurt. Sectionyourhair, and apply the paste. Work the paste thoroughly intoyourhair. Once the paste has been massaged on the scalp and through the hair, rinse yourhaircompletely with warm water. For damaged hair, leave the paste on for 10 minutes. 25 grams of Zizyphuswill cleanand condition your hair.

View this video for a tutorial:

Clean Your Hair With Zizyphus from Ancient Sunrise on Vimeo.

If you are allergic to latex, please do a patch test before using zizyphus spina christi. There is a rare, but documented cross-sensitization between people who are allergic to latex and zizyphus spina christi.

Zizyphus is ideal for:
  • Those who have light-colored hair and would like the conditioning of henna, but with no color change.
  • If you can't use any soap or detergent to wash your hair
  • Anyone having fine, limp hair and would like more thickness and texture
  • People whose hair needs extra protection from water or sun.


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Terry V from Tallapoosa, GA United States
August 24, 2023
Heavy for fine hair
I've been looking for a shampoo/conditioner combo (separate or combined) for my fine (not thin) hair, that won't either dry it or weigh it down with over-conditioning. After mixing the powder I wet my hair over the sink and worked in the paste thoroughly from the scalp to the ends, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes per the instructions. I washed it out in the shower and did a final rinse with col
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Mal from AR
June 20, 2023
Users found this review helpful:
My hair feels great again
THIS is what I needed to get back the texture I loved before I stopped coloring with Henna/Indigo. I've got graying curly hair (2C or 3A, depending on who you ask). I've been using Zizyphus instead of shampoo/conditioner about 2 times a week. It does seem to rinse out best by immersing my hair the tub. In the shower, though, I use a wide-tooth comb with the final rinse, and that seems to work well
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Denice from Charlotte, NC United States
November 13, 2019
Sift, mix, sit and apply. Works great!
This was my first time using ZSC. I was a little concerned because videos showed people had trouble washing it out, loved the results once they did. My hair is 4a-4c so I didn't want the hassle. After doing some research this worked for me. For those who complained about bits in their ZSC, sift it first. Then add your liquid and mix. Let it sit for a min of 30 minutes. Should have a slight
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