Henna under a microscope at 60x.
Catherine Cartwright-Jones c 2002

Help build this database: help henna artists everywhere!
Send samples of whatever henna you have for testing.


If you think databasing microscopic pictures of henna is a good idea, so everyone can learn more about henna marketing patterns, geography, improvements in quality over time, deterioration in quality, adulteration, purity, weather effect, geographic factors, ethnic preferences ... PLEASE send me samples of henna YOU have!  The more complete a database is, the more useful it is. 

I'd love to have a complete record of henna going back to at least 1995, when henna started to become popular world wide.  We can all learn so much from this, and perhaps make henna better for everyone.

Please send henna samples to:
Catherine Cartwright Jones
4237 Klein Ave.
Stow, Ohio, 44224

It is preferable to have unopened packages.
In lieu of that, please take a clean spoon, take a henna sample from the middle of your henna, and put it into a clean ziplock bag.  Please label the bag as to 
1) where did you get it?
2) when did you get it?
3) brand name?
4) country of origin?

Henna artists and researchers will thank you!  Before this, there was NO public database with microscopic pictures of henna.  Help make this database grow so everyone can learn more about henna!

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Catherine Cartwright-Jones c 2002

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