Index of Henna powders viewed 
through a microscope at 60x.
Catherine Cartwright-Jones c 2002

For comparison: home grown henna, known to be absolutely pure:


Al Henna

Amazing Body Art Supply "black henna"

Art With Love

Ayur, August 2002

Ayur sample B, September 2002 2.html

Beauty Henna "Black Henna"


Black Henna

Black Rose Kali Mehandi "black henna:

Body Art Supply Portland

Bonjour Henna

Divya Summer 2000

Divya Black Henna Summer 2000

Dulhan Spring 2002 New York

Dulhan September 2002 Detroit

Five Fives

Frontier Henna

Hana Atabake

HennaWorks henna powder Summer 2001

Harazi July 2002

Hasina September 2002

Home Henna Spring 2002


Jamila (body art quality) Summer 2002

Jamila (hair quality) summer 2002

Jani Henna Summer 1999

Jani Henna, Summer 2001

J B and Co. Summer 2002

Kenzi Sping 2002

Kenzi Summer 2002

Kimia 2001

Kimia, August 2002

Kina: August 2001

LifeArt Henna Powder  from Mehndi Mud Spring 2001:


Mazaya, August 2002

Mazaya, October 2002

MDH , Spring 2002


Mumtaz al_Aroosa, September 2002

Mumtaz al Aroosa, October 2002


Navaid 1 August 2002

Navaid 2 Fall 2002 

Navaid 2 November 2002 

Navaid Sarah  sample 1, Spring 2002

Navaid Sarah, sample 2, Fall 2002

Mystery Henna Summer 2002

ONS Henna September 2002

Persian Red Summer 2002

Raachni Henna:

Radico 2001

Radico 2002

Sahara Tazarine

Sharkiyya 2001

Sharkiyya October 2002

Shelly September 2002

Shihri July 2002

Shihri October 2002

TaziiAugust 2002

Usha August 2002,

Zarqua Black Henna


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Catherine Cartwright-Jones c 2002

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