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Call us to talk about henna for your relaxed or natural hair 330-673-0615.  If we're not here, or if we're busy with other customera, leave a message and we'll get back to you!  Or, email us at , tell us your phone number, and we"ll call you! 

We do our best to ship every order within two business days.
We know relaxed and natural  hair!  

Call us at 1-855-MEHANDI or 
330-673-0615 for help with your relaxed or natural hair.

9 am to 10 pm EST Monday through Sunday

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If we're busy or away, leave a message and we'll get back to you!

What can henna do for your relaxed or natural hair?
  • Henna will replace moisture back into your hair after using any chemicals.
  • Henna will benefit wavy, curly, curly coily, and kinky hair.
  • Henna is great for your “transitioning” hair.
  • Henna does make hair silkier and easier to manage.
  • Henna works on all hair styles including locks, twists, sister locks, dreads, and chemically altered hair.


Save Money on Relaxed and Natural Wednesday
Save money on Relaxed and Natural Wednesday! Orders placed on Wednesdays by phone, chat, and email for products for relaxed and natural hair get a 10% discount: call 1-855-MEHANDI for Relaxed and Natural Wednesday discounts on the following:
  • Zekhara indigo
  • Henna for African Hair
  • Henna for African Hair kits
  • Combs for curls
  • Loc ties
  • Cocoa butter and mango butter
  • Lotion bars
  • Ginger and cardamom
  • Amla
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Stylists who have registered with us and who order by phone, chat, or email on any Thursday get an additional 5% off the usual 25% discount on any one kilo of henna, cassia, indigo or amla.

Are you registered with us as a stylist? it's easy! We've made it easy for you to get these discounts:

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Shipping rates

If you live close to Ohio, place your order by phone or chat to save money on shipping.  
  • If you call us after Thursday noon with an express order, we can't help you very much with your express order. The mail truck arrives on Thursday at noon. and if we ship it on Friday, the post office won't bring it to you on the weekend. 
  •  We will do everything we can to get your express order out between Monday and Thursday morning. 
  • Call me!  If I can fit your order into a flat rate box,  you'll save money on shipping

Are you in Canada?  We can get you a lower shipping price.
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