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cassia henna indigo

Want to have healthy, thick, shiny hair without changing your hair color?  Don’t like that list of ingredients you see on bottles of hair conditioner?  Cassia Obovata is the hair-conditioning herb that is often marketed as “neutral henna.”   “Neutral henna” is nether neutral nor henna!   It's Cassia Obovata, and it's an herb!

Get a sample of Cassia Obovata, mix it with enough warm water or an herb tea to make a paste, and apply it to a spot on the inside of your elbow for an hour as an allergy test.  Allergies to Cassia are rare, but not unknown.  Test some more of the Cassia paste on hair harvested from your hairbrush.  When you rinse out the Cassia, you should find the hair thick, glossy, and healthy.

If you have no problem with your test applications, go ahead and mix enough to do your hair!  You can mix Cassia Obovata powder with warm water and apply it to your hair hair, as you would apply henna.  If you don’t like the smell of Cassia Obovata (it smells like a freshly cut lawn), add a few drops of lavender or other essential oil, or mix the powder with a fragrant spice or flower tea.  You don’t have to worry about dye release, so you can use your Cassia Obovata about half an hour after you mix it up.  Section your hair, and apply the Cassia Obovata so it gets to your scalp.  Then work it evenly through your hair.  You can rinse it out after half an hour.  The anthraquinones do their work quickly!  Your hair will be thick, shiny, and glossy.  If you had scalp problems, the Cassia should have fixed them!

How do you know if Cassia Obovata will make your hair gorgeous?  Try some!  Mix up a little bit of henna and try it on hair you've harvested from your hairbrush.  Want enough to try twice (once to test and once to be sure)? Avert potential disaster for $1.00-- what a bargain!

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Why does Cassia obovata do great things for your hair?

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