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Why should you dye your hair with henna and other plants?
  • Henna, cassia, and indigo are SAFE!
  • You can dye your hair beautiful black, rich dark brunette, or medium brunette with henna and indigo.
  • You can brighten drab or graying blonde with cassia.
  • Henna will make your hair and scalp healthier. 
  • Henna eliminates dandruff.
  • Henna does not cost more per application than chemical hair dye.
  • You can henna your hair safely at home. 
  • Henna is good for your body, good for the farmers who grow it, and good for the planet.

Why was para-phenylenediamine, found in nearly every chemical hair dye, declared "Allergen of the Year"?
  • Para-phenylenediamine based hair dyes are linked with very serious health problems: delayed hypersensitivity reactions (blistering and sores on your scalp), and  is strongly linked with asthma, lupus,  cancer, and non-Hodgkins lymphoma. 
  • Nearly all commercial hair dyes have P-Phenelynediamine or a variant of it. 
  • Many people who use synthetic hair dye become sensitized.  You may be reading this page because you get hives, blisters, itching, wheezing or far worse from synthetic hair dye.
  • Read this: Allergy to Para-Phenylenediamine
  • The number of chemical hair dye reactions have doubled in the last six years.  Read "Hair Dye Allergies on the Rise"
Why should you use henna from mehandi.com to henna your hair? 
  • All of our henna is pure body art quality
  • We do more than claim to sell pure body art quality henna.  We PROVE that we're selling pure henna by sending every batch to an independent laboratory for testing. We don't just take the exporter's word for quality and purity, we test it down to one part per billion. 
  • The henna and techniques on mehandi.com are based on the owner's PhD research.  
  • Mehandi.com has customer support based on the owner's PhD research.  When you ask questions here, you get reliable answers!
  • Mehandi.com sells ONLY pure, henna, indigo, cassia and amla. We do not sell mixes or compounds.  
  • If you order from mehandi.com, you KNOW what you're getting, and you will NEVER get para-phenylenedmaine!

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Did your doctor tell you to stop using chemical hair dye?  There's a good reason for that!

Not to make you paranoid or anything, but HERE is what can happen to YOU if you keep using chemical hair dyes!
  1. Allergic reaction to chemical hair dye
  2. Allergic reaction to chemical hair dye
  3. Allergic reaction to chemical hair dye
  4. Allergic reaction to chemical hair dye
  5. Allergic reaction to chemical hair dye
  6. Allergic reaction to chemical hair dye
  7. Allergic reaction to chemical hair dye
  8. Allergic reaction to chemical hair dye
  9. Allergic reaction to chemical hair dye
  10. Allergic reaction to chemical hair dye
  11. Allergic reaction to chemical hair dye
  12. Allergic reaction to chemical hair dye
  13. Hospitalized for three days
  14. Chemical hair dye left her in a coma
  15. Cardiac arrest after chemical hair dye
  16. Hair dye allergies aren't just for women
  17. Perri Jackson's Story

Traditionally, henna was believed to have the quality of "Baraka" meaning "blessedness" or "grace."  It was believed to be able to avert the evil eye and thwart demons that caused disease, depression and misbehavior.  Your regular hair dye never did that for you!
Can you cover your gray with henna?
  • YES! High dye content henna will permanently cover gray hair.  If you have independent laboratory certified henna, you CAN cover gray! Mehandi.com sends every shipment to the lab and tells you exactly what the dye content is.
  • Hate roots? You can use henna as often as you like!  Henna is GOOD for your hair and will not damage it. 
  • Click HERE see how henna will cover your gray!
Cover your gray!

The henna color darkens over the next several days, so don't panic if you see orange.  It'll mellow out.  If you henna your hair every month or so the color will keep building up until it's all a lovely rich red.  You can henna as often as you want.  It won't hurt your hair.  Click HERE to buy henna!
Henna for hair

Want to learn more?

Henna is more than just red!
  • Learn to safely dye your hair black
  • Learn to safely dye your hair dark brunette
  • Learn to safely dye your hair medium brunette
  • Learn to brighten graying or drab blonde
If henna is safe, why do some people think henna is bad?
  • For decades, companies have sold products labeled as henna that had unlisted ingredients that created bad chemical reactions with chemical dyes.  Pure henna does not cause those problems. If you have laboratory certified pure henna from mehandi.com, you and your hair are safe! 
  • Companies also sell products labeled as henna with a long list of 'may also contain', any one of which can cause problems.  
  • These products, known as 'Compound Henna' led to many negative concepts about henna, misunderstandings about henna, misinformation and ... well ... let's be honest, LIES about henna.  
  • Chemical hair dye producers wanted to sell their chemical product.  They had no reason to give consumers accurate information about henna.  Chemical hair dye producers have had a pretty good reason to obscure information about the health damage the chemicals do to stylists and consumers. 
Henna has safely colored and conditioned women's hair for at least six thousand years and it does a lovely job!
Who's beind Mehandi.com, HennaPage.com and Hennaforhair.com?

That would be me.  I am Catherine Cartwright-Jones. I am writing my PhD dissertation on henna; I wrote my master's thesis on henna, and I really DO know the chemistry, techniques, and traditions of henna.  Everything on my websites has a sound basis in research and chemistry.

If you want to be SURE you're getting accurate information and pure products, get them from mehandi.com, hennaforhair.com and hennapage.com.  If you want the best help and customer service, call Mehandi.com toll free- 855-MEHANDI.

Is reliable information on a website important to you?

People often say they're confused by conflicting henna information online.  The person who does the original research is the one who can REALLY help you get the best results from henna.  Don't settle for copycat  information and henna products with no independent lab testing.   Get the best information and the best henna from mehandi.com.

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