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Ancient Sunrise®
Amla Powder

Phyllanthus emblica powder

Ancient Sunrise® Amla powder is certified by an independent laboratory to be 3.1 pH, free of lead, pesticides, contaminants and adulterants.  If lemon juice seems too harsh for your skin or hair, use amla to mix your henna paste.

Ancient Sunrise Amla

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Amla is very useful!

Ancient Sunrise® Phyllanthus emblica powder, Amla powder, is tan, with an acidic astringent smell like a combination of raw cranberries and oak tree bark.  
  • Amla can be mixed into henna to make an acidic paste, if you don't want to use a fruit or citrus juice in your henna.
  • Amla can make henna and indigo dye your hair a cooler brunette. 
  • When you scrub your face with the paste, your skin feels firm and tight.

dying with henna, indigo and amla

Use for Hair: 

Click HERE or on the image above to download complete instructions for dying your hair brunette with henna, indigo and amla

For cooler brunette tones:

Mix amla powder with henna powder to make a cooler brunette color when dying hair brown with henna and indigo .


Use Ancient Sunrise® Amla as a skin cleanser:

Amla paste is an excellent exfoliating, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial astringent scrub for your face.  It does not have the alcohol and chemicals found in commercial facial scrubs. Amla has high levels of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) which break up the top layer of dead skin cells, and bits of amla seed, which gently exfoliate the skin. Mix a spoonful of amla powder and enough cool water to make a paste about the consistency of yogurt.  Let that sit for 15 minutes.  Scrub your skin with the paste, and wash the paste off after a minute. 

Several of our clients have used Amla daily on their skin to end acne outbreaks and reduce the frequency of acne outbreaks!  

To learn more about Emblica officinalis, amla, go HERE: