Do you love to do body art?  Do you get paid for doing it?  You can get 25% off all Becoming Moonlight® henna and body art materials for professional artists if you register with us. Contact us today!

Becoming Moonlight

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The 25% discount applies to all Becoming Moonlight® materials:
  • Becoming Moonlight® 'White Henna' paste and kits
  • Becoming Moonlight® Terps
  • Becoming Moonlight® Glitter 
  • Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Powder
  • Becoming Moonlight® Tools for body art such as transfer paper
You must be registered with us as an artist and you must phone, chat, or email your order to recieve a 25% discount.

The discount does not apply to Pros-Aide, Temptu or Mehron brand products.  

You can get 25% off  Becoming Moonlight® 'white henna' and gilding materials.  

All  Becoming Moonlight® materials are absolutely safe for use on skin, approved by the FDA, and are legal for use on skin.

White Henna

Becoming Moonlight

Becoming Moonlight

The above body art was created with Becoming Moonlight® 'white henna' gilding paste, Becoming Moonlight® gems,  Becoming Moonlight® glitter, Becoming Moonlight® gilding powder, and Temptu temporary tattoo paint, all available from

Becoming Moonlight

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Click on images below to see some of what you can get at 25% off! 

Becoming Moonlight materials for gold henna

'White Henna'
Becoming Moonlight®
Gilding Paste and Kit

 Waterproof , safe, developed for henna artists: lasts up to 10 days!
Becoming Moonlight gilding powder

Becoming Moonlight®
Gilding Powder for body art 

Create "White Henna" and a rainbow of glitter and gilding paste colors for your best henna work!
Becoming Moonlight glitter

Becoming Moonlight®
Glitter: Dazzle Your

Use glitter to dazzle your henna and gilding!
Becoming Moonlight Gems

Becoming Moonlight®

Dazzling gems for your body, and for your henna
Becoming Moonlight Ancient Blue

Ancient Blue®

Recreate Celtic Woading with Ancient Blue! 
Becoming Moonlight terps

Becoming Moonlight® "Serious Terps"  

Becoming Moonlight® Serious terps are formulated to make dark, beautiful henna stains with an enchanting fragrance.
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Transform the body through art! Click here for  inspiration and a guide to materials for people working in body arts.