Apply Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive with a cone, just as you apply henna; create freehand multi-color body gilding!  


Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive is an acrylic medical adhesive, and is approved for use on skin.  Pros-aide Cream does not contain latex.

Apply Pros-Aide Cream with an applicator cone, as you would apply henna.  When the Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive has dried and is transparent, brush glitter over the application, and brush or wash away excess.  This body art is waterproof, but may be rubbed away, or removed with 91% isopropyl alcohol and baby oil.  This body art lasts from three to seven days, depending on care.

Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive hardens when frozen.  If you are in an area which is presently has below freezing temperatures, please call us so we can arrange appropriate shipping! 1-855-MEHANDI

Use Pros-aide Cream Adhesive to create a mask:

Fantasy masks

Use Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive with Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Powder, Becoming Moonlight® 
Glitter, Becoming Moonlight® Gems, and Mehron Metallics to create masks for dancers, Halloween, and carnival. The beauty will not sweat or wash off.  There is no discomfort or loss of peripheral vision as there would be with a solid mask.   The adhesive can be pealed off, or removed with  Pros-Aide® remover or by rubbing it with the sticky side of scotch tape.

Scroll down to for instructions and inspiration!

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Pros Cream big and little2

Purchase Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive .5 oz jar (easy to free-hand with a cone)  =  $4.99   #3904
Purchase Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive 6 oz jar (easy to free-hand with a cone) = $29.99   #3906

bulb pipette

Purchase three disposable Pipettes for filling cones = $1.50  #3977

Purchase Pros-Aide® Remover = $7.99    #3905
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Do you want to do body gilding with  Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive? You will need the following:

  • 91% isopropyl alcohol for general clean up
  • Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive cones
  • alcohol wipes to keep Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive flowing smoothly through the cone tip
  • a blusher brush
  • scotch tape
  • a flat brush  
  • paper towels or tissues for clean up
  • Becoming Moonlight® Glitter and/or Gilding powders 
  • nail clippers or a razor blade 
To apply this body art, begin by cleaning the person's skin, or the glitter will stick where you do not want it to.  

ASK THE PERSON IF THEY ARE ALLERGIC TO BAND-AIDS OR ADHESIVES.  This product does not contain latex, but some people are allergic to adhesives.

If you get this product on clothing, rinse it out with isopropyl alcohol.  It will not wash out.

A neck, chest, face, back, belly, arms and shaved legs are ideal places for application.  If you apply this Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive to hairy skin, removal will be as difficult as getting bubble gum out of a cocker spaniel's ear.

ready to work

take the tape off

Remove the tape from the tip when you are ready to work.  The tape keeps the Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive from leaking out, and it keeps the Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive from drying at the tip.  

check the tip

Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive is more liquid than henna paste, so you should use much finer lines.  Before cutting any bit off the tip, test your line. You may not need to clip the tip at all.  If you need to open up the tip a little, clip very cautiously. 

little lines

Clip the tip of the cone a tiny bit.  Use a smaller line and squeeze less than you would henna paste.  I prefer very thin lines which dry quickly.  Other people use heavier lines, which dry more slowly.  

The Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive will begin to dry quickly. If your lines are thin, the Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive will be dry in five minutes. When the body Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive becomes completely transparent, and you can't see any more white, it is dry enough to apply glitter.  
brush on glitter

Brush glitter on, and brush away excess.  Brush very lightly to spread the glitter exactly where you want it to go. 
second color

Do you want a design with many colors?  You can brush in more colors, but the colors will blend together.  
brush excess awat

Brush away the excess with a blusher brush.

 If the weather is very humid, or if the person is perspiring, you may need to rinse off excess glitter.  You can wash away the excess glitter, gilding powder, or metallic powder with soap and water,  washing will not disturb the pattern! 
add another color

Do you want to add another, clearly separate color?  Apply more Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive and let that dry. 
add the next color

When your second Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive application is dry, brush in another glitter color.  
all done!

Brush away the excess with your blusher brush.
 wipe the tip

If the Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive gets gummy or dry at the tip, wipe the tip with an alcohol pad.
ready to work

No more worries about aftercare!   The person can put clothing on over this body art.  The person can shower, and the art will not come off!  This body art will last between three and seven days, depending on how the person takes care of their art.  Your cone of  Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive will last for months with no refrigeration or freezing. 

If you buy Pros Aide Adhesive Cream in a jar, how do you get it into cones?

Here's what you need

Do you want to fill your own cones with a 1 oz jar or 6 oz jar of  Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive? You will need the following:
  • 91% isopropyl alcohol for general clean up
  • three or four cones with tightly rolled tips
  • a box with holes in it  (an egg carton will do)
  • Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive
  • scotch tape
  • paper towels or tissues for clean up
  • a chopstick, Popsicle stick, a tongue depressor or small disposable spoon
  • nail clippers or a razor blade 
  • and an undisturbed place to work that can be easily cleaned
Tape tips

Tape the tips of your cones.  Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive may run out of your cone, even if you have rolled the tips very tight.    Prepare to fill three cones with one jar of Pros-Aide Cream.

stick in cones.

Set cones into a box, and make sure they're not going to tip or fall.  Make sure that if they DO tip or fall, they're not going to make a mess of anything that can't be thrown away. 
goop into cones

It is not easy to get the Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive into your cones without making a mess. This Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive is very difficult to clean up, and can only be cleaned with 91% isopropyl alcohol.  
Use a pipette

A disposable bulb pipette my be easier for you to work with than a stick or tiny spoon.  Suck up some of the adhesive by squeezing the bulb, then squeeze the bulb again to deposit the adhesive into the cone.  Get the adhesive down into the cone, not up a side or near the top. 

Divide one .5 oz jar of Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive into three cones with a pipette or stick.  Do not fill the cone up more than half way.
Three cones

An over-full cone is much more likely to ooze Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive out the top and make a mess. Use all of the jar of adhesive.  If you only use  part of the jar, and screw the lid back down, it will glue itself shut.
Clean and fold the tip

Wipe any Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive from the open end of the cone. 
roll down and tape

Roll down the top and tape securely.  This cone is probably much smaller than you usually use for henna. Smaller cones are easier to work with for body gilding, smaller cones are less apt to leak, and you will need much less Pros-Aide®  Cream than henna.  
Clean up

Tape the tips of the cones so the Pros-Aide® Cream doesn't leak out or clog. 

Use disposable tools for filling cones: the Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive is extremely difficult to clean up.  Wipe your hands clean with isopropyl alcohol: if you have Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive on your fingers, they'll stick to everything you touch.

Your cones will last for months.  Do not refrigerate or freeze them.
filling cones from the 6 oz jar

 Do you want to fill many cones from a 6 oz jar of Pros-Aide®  Cream? 

Roll two dozen cones, tight enough to be closed at the end. Roll enough cones to completely empty the jar.  Set the cones into egg cartons so they'll stay upright as you fill them.

Stuff a carrot bag into a water glass.  
into a carrot bag

Scoop the Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive from the jar into one or two carrot bags that are stabilized in a water glass.  


Carefully tape down the top of the carrot bag so there are no leaks.

Clip a tiny bit of the tip off the carrot bag.
fill the cones

Squeeze the Pros-Aide® Cream into the cones.  Don't fill the cones further than half-way full.

ready to use

Fold down the tops and tape up the cones as previously directed.

Click HERE for a complete guide to learning 'white henna' techniques.

Inspiration: how will YOU use Pros-aide Cream Adhesive 'white henna' gilding?


Create flexible, comfortable skin armor for mythic warriors, dance, carnival, and role playing ... even for week-long events!  This will not sweat off or smear during battle, dance, performance, or partying.  

Use with gilding powders and gems for comfortable, flexible, durable pasties!   You can wear clothing over them, shower, and dance: they'll last for days! 
create body lingerie

Create comfortable, colorful, shimmering body lingerie!  You can put clothing over this body art, for startling revelations!
after one week

Does this gilding really last?  This picture was taken ONE WEEK after the bellydance image above.  One curl is gone, and a few gems fell off.  Otherwise, soap, baths, clothing, and normal wear had no effect on this.  When you want to remove this: pick and peal it off or remove with isopropyl alcohol and oil, or the remover sold above.
Celtic Effects

Create fantasy skin for mythical beasts and role playing!  Swim, battle, dance, sleep, bathe, and have fun with your magical skin for days! 
blue Celt

This body art is tactile, comfortable, and dazzling!  It feels like cut velvet to touch. It looks like living starbursts!  Try it!  Have fun! This may be the best thing that ever happened to your body art repertoire.