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Henna and Body Art Supplies

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Jamlia Henna

Jamila Henna 2009 crop 

It's pure heaven to NOT have to sift your henna!  Fine lines ... effortlessly!
3 gram sample Jamila Henna  2009 crop = $1.50   #3104
Learn about Fine Line Henna HERE!


4 triangles of Cellowrap for cones = $1.50  
Cellowrap cones are the best! (But the wrap is hard to find if you don't know what you're looking for.  Try these, see what you like, then go shopping!)
Learn to make and use mylar cones!

Tattoo Transfer Paper

Sample of Tattoo Transfer Paper = $1.50

Sometimes, if a design is very symmetrical, must be very precise, or is just more complicated than you think you can do freehand, a transfer can be very helpful. #3922
Learn to use transfer paper!

Carrot Bags

3 Carrot Bags = $1.50

These are great for filling bottles and cones #3908
Learn more about using carrot bags


Dextrose sample = $1.50

Makes your henna wonderfully stringy!  #3913
Learn about Dextrose HERE!


Turmeric sample = $1.50
Try the "Persian Gold" technique!

Ancient Blue Crystal Indigo for body art

Ancient Blue Crystal Indigo = $3.50
Alex Morgan's 12 page instruction manual on CD Rom, "Indigo: experimental techniques in body art" is included with your sample!  Sometimes its good to get the blues!

Most samples are listed with their products ... call 1-855-MEHANDI if you can't find the sample you need!
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