Buxus Dioica

We regret that the political situation in Yemen has disrupted the supply of buxus. We have sold the last that we purchased before the revolution.

This spring, we made arrangements with a supplier to import two tons of buxus. Before paying for two tons, we asked for a 500g sample to send to the lab.  We tested it, and it was NOT buxus. It was low quality henna with a little indigo thrown in. We cancelled the order.

I'm glad we lab test everything before we sell it.  Aren't you?

We know you want buxus.  We're trying to get buxus for you.  As soon as we can get high quality genuine buxus, we'll post it here!

I wonder who bought the bogus buxus.  Somebody did ...

Please call our toll-free customer service line 1-855-MEHANDI
or 1 - 330 - 673 - 0600 to talk to one of our folks about how to get exactly the hair color you want without buxus.
Looking for Buxus

If your supplier can't PROVE that they're selling what they say they're selling ... don't buy it. We send everything to an independent certified lab before we sell it, so we know exactly what we're selling and you know exactly what you're getting.