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We can help you with products.
  • We will help you have perfect hair color.
  • We will help you choose the right ingredients for your mix.
  • We will help you mix and apply your henna for the best results.
  • We will help you with products and techniques for body art.
  • We will help you with everything from
  • We will help you order.
  • We can't help you or advise you in any way about products from any other business ... sorry!
Do you have some questions before you place an order? Click the "Live Chat" button to begin a chat with one of our Customer Support staff or to leave a message.

If nobody's available on chat, leave a message and let us know when and how to contact you, call toll-free 855-MEHANDI or 855-634-2634 or 330-673-0600 for our customer service folks, or leave a message in our voicemail.
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We know the science of henna, and will help you get exactly the results you want. If you have a problem, we can figure out how to fix it!
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We are experts in henna, indigo, cassia, and all of the body products. Do you have questions?  We have answers!
Call or chat for lower shipping costs.

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If you live near Ohio, order by chat or phone.  We can probaby get you a lower price on shipping.  
Chat on Tuesday and save money!

Thrifty Tuesday

On Thrifty Tuesday, you can get 10% off all regularly priced merchandise if you place your order by phone or chat.  

This discount does NOT apply to items already discounted.  Discounted items include bulk amounts of 500g and more, and sale page items. 
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We will help you have absolutely beautiful fur.

We will help you with henna and other body art.