Ancient Sunrise® Fruit Acid Powders
to formulate acidic mixes for henna and cassia

Henna and cassia wiill dye your hair most effectively when mixed with an acidic liquid. The acidic liquid keeps the hydrogen atoms intact on the corners of the quinone molecules so the color (lawsone or crysophanic acid) can bind to the keratin in your hair.  If these molecules are bound to your hair, the color will not fade or go peculiar.  In fact, the color will gradually deepen and look more natural.  Dilute lemon juice, orange juice, apple juice, and cranberry juice are all great for mixing.  

If you don't have fresh fruit juice handy .... use one of the Ancient Sunrise® fruit acids  below!  All of the Ancient Sunrise® acids can be kept indefinitely, ready to use.  There is no need to scrounge around in your house or run to the store for juice to mix with your henna.  

Each one has slightly different characteristics so you can choose the one that will give you the results you want.  Click on the Ancient Sunrise® Chapter 6
Henna and Acidic Mixes
at the right to learn more about these acids.

Malluma Kristalovino

Henna mixed with Ancient Sunrise® Malluma Kristalovino, makes a darker, more auburn henna stain on light, medium colored or graying hair. Ancient Sunrise® Malluma Kristalovino is the most gentle on skin and hair of all fruit acids.

Ancient Sunrise® Malluma Kristalovino 6 g sample, enough for 100g of henna or cassia =  $1.99  #2416


Ancient Sunrise® Kristalovino, makes a lighter, brighter red henna stain than other fruit acids.  Kristalovino is very gentle to skin and hair.

Ancient Sunrise® Kristalovino, 4g sample, enough for 100g of henna or cassia =  $1.99  #2417

Citric Acid

Ancient Sunrise® Citric Acid is convenient for mixing a mildly acidic henna paste.  Citric acid henna paste mixtures tend to create bright coppery stains that stay light and bright. Citric acid is more likely to cause sensitization than the other Ancient Sunrise® fruit acid powders.

 Ancient Sunrise® Citric Acid, 5g sample, enough for 100g of henna or cassia = $1.50  #2401

 Ancient Sunrise® Citric Acid 50g jar, 10 applications = $12.99  #2413


Purchase Ancient Sunrise® Amla Powder

3 gram Ancient Sunrise ® Amla Powder sample = $1.50  #2588
25g Ancient Sunrise ® Amla Powder = $4.50  #2589
100g of Ancient Sunrise ® Amla Powder = $12.99   #2590
500g of Ancient Sunrise® Amla Powder = $54.95 #2591
Henna and acidic mixes

Why is it important for henna to be mixed with something  mildly acidic? Do different acids make different results?  
Download and read this chapter from the new FREE ebook, "Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair"

This ebook contains detailed information on all of the Ancient Sunrise® acidic powders, so you can choose the one that is best for you.


Ancient Sunrise® Copperberry adds antioxidants and vitamin C to your henna mix which will keep the henna color brighter, and less likely to darken over time.  Copperberry is certified organic.

Ancient Sunrise® Copperberry, 25 g sample, enough for 100g of henna or cassia = $3.99  #2414

Nightfall Rose

The anthocyanins in Ancient Sunrise® Nightfall Rose add a subtle ash tone to henna and cassia mixes, and creates lovely brunettes with henna and indigo mixes. The malic acid in  Ancient Sunrise® Nightfall Rose is very gentle to hair, is certified organic and wild-harvested.

Ancient Sunrise® Nightfall Rose, 25 g sample, enough for 100g of henna or cassia = $5.99  #2415

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How to Use Ancient Sunrise® Acids
If you don't have citrus juice on hand, any of these will get the job done!

Citric Acid

How do you use these?

Add one 5g sample packet of Ancient Sunrise Citric Acid or one of the other acids above to 100g of  henna or cassia powder from Add one additional packet for each additional 100g of henna or cassia.

Ready to mix henna and  no juice in the house?  Ancient Sunrise® acids to the rescue!

Keep some on hand so you never have to run to the store at the last minute.

Add liquid

Add room temperature (NOT BOILING) distilled or filtered water to your citric acid and henna or cassia powders. Continue to add liquid and stir until the powders are a paste about as thick as green mashed potatoes.

What other liquids could you add?
  1. Add your favorite fragrant herb tea to your powders.  Boiling the water for tea will drive off the chlorine.
What should you not add?
  1. Do not use tap water in your henna mix.  Most tap water has chlorine, which is why you don't fill your fish bowl straight out of the tap.  If  tap water is going to kill your fish, its not going to do your henna any good, either.
  2. Do not add tea or coffee to your henna mix.  Caffeine is transdermal, and may give you the jitters.  Neither coffee nor tea will darken the color of the henna.
  3. DO NOT add boiling water to your henna or cassia.  Boiling will knock the hydrogen atoms off the corners of your quinone molecules and the dye results will fade and look brassy.

Cristales de ácido cítrico para Henna y Cassia

Si no tienes jugos de cítricos a mano, esto va a hacer el trabajo!

Henna y Cassia teñirán tu cabello con mayor eficacia cuando se mezclan con un líquido ácido. El líquido ácido mantiene los átomos de hidrógeno intactos en las esquinas de las moléculas de quinona (lawsona o ácido crysophanic) ayudando a que el color se pueda unir a la queratina en tu cabello haciendo que el color dure por más tiempo. De hecho, el color profundizará gradualmente y se verá más natural. Diluir con jugo de limón, jugo de naranja, jugo de manzana o jugo de arándano es  excelente pues ayuda  a mezclar más fácilmente los polvos.

Si tu no tienes ninguno de estos  jugos puedes usar este ácido cítrico!

Añade un sobre de 5g de Ancient Sunrise ® Acido Cítrico por 100g de henna o polvo de Cassia de Añadir un sobre adicional por cada 100g adicionales de henna o Cassia.

No juice?

Estás lista/o para mezclar la henna y  no tienes  jugo en tu casa?

Ácido cítrico al rescate!  Ten un  poco a la mano para que nunca tengas que correr a la tienda a último minuto.

Añade el  líquido con ácido cítrico a temperatura ambiente (no hirviendo) al polvo de la henna o polvo de la Cassia. Continúa agregando líquido y revuelve hasta que la mezcla quede casi tan gruesa como el puré de papas.

¿Qué líquido debes añadir?

1. Agrega tu agua de hierbas fragantes favorita a tus polvos. Hervir el agua para té así eliminaras el cloro.
2. Añade agua destilada o agua de lluvia para solamente, será mejor.

Lo que no debes añadir?

  1. No utilices agua del grifo en tu mezcla de henna. La mayoría de esta agua contiene cloro(por esta misma razón es que no llenas tu acuario para pescaditos directamente del grifo). Si el agua del grifo  va a matar a tus peces,  no va a hacer a tu henna ningún bien, tampoco.
  2.  No agregues té o café a su mezcla de henna. La cafeína es transdérmica y puede darle el nerviosismo. Ni el café ni el té oscurecerán el color de la henna.
  3. No añadas agua hirviendo a la henna o cassia. Agua hirviendo golpeará los átomos de hidrógeno de las esquinas de sus moléculas de quinona y el tinte se desvanecerá más rápido y el color será cobrizo.