Advertising and
Women with Hennaed Hair

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Women with hennaed hair were depicted in advertising to bring people's (usually men's) attention to products.  I say "hennaed hair," because these are images of women with conspicuously bright red hair, to the extent that the printing technology permitted, different in tone from comparable depictions of men with red hair. For instance, if you look at an informal picture of Conan O'Brien and a person with hennaed hair, you'll see the difference between genuinely natural red hair, and a person with vivid hennaed hair.  Hennaed hair still looks natural, but far more bright and lustrous.

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Here are the correct answers to
Contest #5

A) is a vehicle  advertised by redhead #2: Waverley Cycles- Bicycles.

B) is a steel foundry was advertised by redhead #1: The  Co-operative Foundry Co. in Rochester NY, producing the Royal Red Cross Stove, "The GRANDEST STOVE ever placed on the American Market."

C) is a vehicle was advertised by redhead #7: the CitroŽn Saxo supermini vehicle made by CitroŽn in 1999

D) is a beverage was advertised by redhead #3: Limonade Brault

E) is a beverage was advertised by redhead #4: Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Bottling Company, in 1933

F) is a beverage was advertised by redhead #8: Skyy Vodka

G) is a businessman was advertised by redhead #5: George A Foulger represented Superior Match CO.

H) is a businessman advertised by redhead #6: Verne E Griffith Insurance, McCulloch Building, Okmulgee, Oklahoma art by Earl Moran.  This art was used on business calendars and blotters.
Cooperative Foundry

1, B: Co-operative Foundry Co.,  Rochester NY. 1880's, "An ENTIRELY NEW STOVE - modern in style, Royal Red Cross," "the GRANDEST STOVE ever placed on the American Market."


Stove shown on the reverse of the card.  
Waverly cycles

2, A: Waverly Cycles, by Alphonse Mucha, 1898.  Mucha is best known for his Art Nouveau commercial artwork though all of his life he found that fame very frustrating, as he believed that art existed only to communicate a spiritual message, and nothing more.  He often portrayed women with hennaed hair, most famously his posters of Sarah Bernhardt, as was in style at the time.  His work was condemned as 'reactionary' by fascists and Slavic nationalists, and he was one of the first people arrested by the Gestapo during the Czech invasion in  1939.

3, D: Limonade Brault by Philippe Noyer, copyright © 1930
Coca cola

4, E: Copyright © 1933 by Coca-Cola Atlanta, GA. "It's a very particular kind of drink - combining those pleasant wholesome substances which foremost scientists say do most in restoring you to your normal self."  Really?
match book

5, G: Match book cover from Superior Match Co. Chicago.   In 1938, the Superior Match Co.  launched its "girlie" matchbook covers, which proved to be a successful marketing strategy. They eventually produced fifteen Elvgren Girls sets, they began nine sets of Petty girls in 1948, one D'Amario set in 1952, and five sets of Thompson Girlie sets in 1953.
You can find a catalog of Superior Match Co.'s matchbooks HERE.

6, H:  This ink blotter pinup girl was done by Earl Moran, a pin-up and glamor artist. Blotters with Earl Moran's pinup girls seem to have been popular promotional items for businessmen during the 1940's, advertising a variety of goods including hardware, electrical supplies, shoe manufacturing supplies, elevators, drapery and slipcovers. Verne Griffith purchased several similar pin-up girlie blotters for his business in the 1940's.  
Saxo Citroen

7, C: CitroŽn Saxo 1999; De super sexy CitroŽn Saxo 538 Spot. Nu vanaf  NLG 19,490-.  

Citroen produced promotional postcards with redrawings of classic red-haired pinup paintings.  A card similar to this carried the text, "I want your Saxo."   This image of a redhead was also used with a different background, advertising "La Habana Cigars."

8, F: #12 "Chair" SKYY Vodkaģ  Copyright © 2000 Skyy Spirits LLC San Francisco.