Becoming Moonlight® Dextrose
Dextrose makes your henna silky and stringy.
Dextrose keeps henna on the skin longer and deters cracking.
plain add dextrose stringy
If your henna is thick, and cracks as it dries, add dextrose!  Stir, stir, stir, and ... suddenly your henna is slinky and silky!
If your henna falls off the skin too quickly, add dextrose!
If your henna has a texture like mashed potatoes and you want a gooey, silky texture, add dextrose!
If you want to be able to drape long, straight lines as you would with a stringy henna, add dextrose!
How does this work?  Click HERE for information on henna and saccharides.

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One 100g bag Becoming Moonlight®dextrose = $3.00 #