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Catherine Cartwright-Jones
We have monthly henna contests!

Do you think you know all about henna?  Do you think you could win a contest with your knowledge of henna and related art forms? If you know more than anyone else, you can get $25 of your choice of  free stuff from!  We have a contest every month!  

Here is the most recent contest: Got Henna? Contest #3

Contest #3

Who was the person in the picture above?
Where was the person above from, what was her tribal group?
As a princess, what was her bride price in 1886?
What are the poems called that have a traditional form of fifteen syllables divided into two hemistichs?
Why were these poems important to this tribal group?
Answer these questions and write one of these poems!

GO HERE to find the answers and the people who won  the contest!
Got Henna? Contest #1

Contest #1

What is this?
Where is it from?
When was it made?
What is its significance

Got Henna? Contest #2

Devil's Grease

Who called henna "Devil's Grease"
Who was wearing "Devil's Grease"
When, where, how and why were they using "Devil's Grease?"

Got Henna? Contest #3 will begin April 19, 7 pm on the Mehandi Facebook page.  See you there!