Faux Henna2

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Faux white

These skin paints are:
  • resin-based paints made by Temptu
  • these skin paints are PPD free and are FDA approved for use on skin
  • are waterproof: will last several days, or until the paints are removed
  • can be removed from the skin with baby oil or 91% isopropyl alcohol
  • are safe for children and adults
  • are safe and temporary way emulate henna on skin
  • dry in minutes
  • available in vibrant colors: red, pink, purple, black, and white, as well as colors that imitate henna 
  • great for dancers who want to have henna for a performance, but don't want the stain lingering and fading for two weeks

Faux Henna: Waterproof Temporary Tattoo Paint from Temptu

Click HERE to download a pdf of "How-to".  The instructions for these colored and white body paints are exactly the same as for harquus.

Apply these colors with a brush. They are too thin to use with a cone, and cannot be thickened.  Shake vigorously before using.  Set the paints with a sprinkling of talcum powder.

1 oz size of Temptu Temporary Tattoo paint


Some people want henna to be pink, purple, or bright red.  Some people want henna that can be removed the next day.  Real henna isn't going to do that, but, you can still give that person the art they want with Faux Henna from Mehandi.com!

These color blocks are as close as I can get to the color of the paint with the bottle in my hand and my monitor in front of me. The color may show up differently on your monitor.  All of these colors may be mixed with each other.
Prime Red

 Dura Prime Red C-318 Temptu Temporary Tattoo Paint 1oz =  $12.00  #3222
(This is bright, bright red;  nothing but RED)
red henna

Red  C-302 Temptu Temporary Tattoo Paint 1oz  = $12.00  #3241  (not quite as bright as Dura Prime Red)
 Dura Pink C-309 Temptu Temporary Tattoo Paint 1oz = $12.00   #3226
(If a little girl really wants pink henna, and is about to cry ... give her pink!)

Blood  C-326 Temptu Temporary Tattoo Paint 1oz  = $12.00  #3243 (Close to the color of fresh blood)

Dura Purple C-306 Temptu Temporary Tattoo Paint 1oz  $12.00  #3227  
(See above.)
Beet red

 Beet  C-204 Temptu Temporary Tattoo Paint  1oz  =  $12.00  #3244  

Brown  C-201 Temptu Temporary Tattoo Paint 30ml 1.0 Fl oz = $12.00  #3240
(This is very similar to the stain results you get from a Rani Cone.)
 Merlot  C-206 Temptu Temporary Tattoo Paint 1oz  = $12.00  #3245
(This is the color in the image above.)

Harquus Black C-301 Temptu Temporary Tattoo Paint 1oz  = $12.00  #3202  

Platinum lasts longer and gives better one-coat coverage

Harquus Black Platinum C-P 301 Temptu Temporary Tattoo Paint 30ml (1 oz)  =  $18.00   #3203  


White 300 Temptu Temporary Tattoo Paint  1oz  = $12.00  #3213

Platinum lasts longer and gives better one-coat coverage

White Platinum C-P 300 Temptu Temporary Tattoo Paint 1oz   $18.00  3234  
Shimmer Rose

Rose Effects C-415 Temptu Temporary Tattoo Paint 1 oz = $12.00   #3242
(Metallic, use in combination with another color to make it shimmer.)

Gold C-412 Shimmer Temptu Temporary Tattoo Paint 1 oz = $12.00   #3215   


It is important to use talcum powder, not cornstarch-based baby powder to finish your Temptu paint.  Talc will bind with the resin and make the paint durable and waterproof.  Cornstarch will leave the paint gummy. 

Though there are statistical links between talc and cervical cancer, this ONLY occurs in people who regularly use talcum powder on their groin area.  There is no risk in applying talcum powder to other areas of thte body. To insure safety, avoid painting genitals.

This paint lasts up to a week on dry skin such as legs and arms.  This paint lasts up to three days on faces.  This paint may last less than one day on oily or sweaty skin.
Do you want to make temporary tattoos that last for several days and are completely safe, even on children?

You will need the following:

  • 91% isopropyl alcohol to clean your brushes
  • bottles of Temptu temporary tattoo paint
  • small and medium brushes
  • a flat brush for spreading mica powder
  • paper towels or tissues for clean up
  • a plastic plate to use as a palette
  •  gilding powders and talcum powder
  • You can use gems, Pros-Aide and glitter to make your work even more beautiful!

Open the paint bottle and remove the inner security cap, then put the dropper cap back on.

shake it!

Shake the paint bottle vigorously before each use.
drops and brushes

Use only a few drops of paint at a time.  This paint dries quickly.
Use 91% isopropyl alcohol to clean your brushes.

You may blend any of these paints to create new colors.
apply the paint

Work on clean skin.  Sweat, oil, and lotions will keep this paint from sticking to the skin.

Paint the pattern with a fine brush, just as you would paint with oil or acrylic paints. 
mica dust

When you have finished painting, dust the pattern with mica powder or talcum powder.  The mica powder will add shimmer.  The talcum powder leaves a matte finish that gives the appearance of a real tattoo or henna, and insures that the paint will last for several days on the skin.
spread the powder

Brush or rub the powder into the paint.  Gently brush away any excess.
You may wipe off the last of the powder with a damp cloth. If you use only mica, dust over the surface a second time with talcum powder.
rub the powder into the pattern

The powders will leave a visible film on the paint for about half an hour.  The powder will  disappear into the paint.

Your temporary tattoo paint will stay on your skin for between two days and one week, depending on placement and care.  You can remove the paint with isopropyl alcohol or baby oil.