Becoming Moonlight® Glitter with Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste and Ancient Sunrise® Henna


Sprinkle Becoming Moonlight® Glitter over Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste and watch the stars come out! You can create dazzling waterproof body art that lasts over a week with care. This glitter is also beautiful on henna.
Becoming Moonlight® Glitter is a cosmetic quality polyester glitter.    Becoming Moonlight® Glitter comes in 5g and 12g  gram shaker jars with screw-down lids to minimize visits from the "messy fairy" in your henna drawer, and accidental "sparkle dumps" on your clients!

Jessica's glitter

Does Your Henna Dazzle?


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cones and bulk

Purchase a ready to use 1/4 oz Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste cone =  $7.99 #3979

Purchase one 4 oz jar of  Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste  to fill your own cones = $29.99     #3980

Purchase Syringe, nitrile gloves, and depressor to easily fill cones with Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste  = $1.99 #3930
Do not apply Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste to hairy skin.  Do not apply Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste to any person who is allergic to adhesives or band-aids.

Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste contains water, acrylic emulsion, glyceryl, guar gum, sorbitol, titanium dioxide, and a trace (less than 1%) of  benzyl alcohol.

Becoming Moonlight® Glitter Table

Becoming Moonlight® Glitter

jars of glitter
Becoming Moonlight®
Glitter over "White Henna"
Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste

Below are examples of glitter applied over Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste.  This technique creates body art that is is waterproof, and lasts three to ten days. Click HERE or scroll down for instructions.  
Becoming Moonlight® Glitter over Henna

Below are examples of glitter applied over henna.  This washes away with water.
Aurora Rose glitter 
5g Aurora Rose Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #13 = $6.50 (#3513) 
Aurora Rose Aurora Rose
5g Fuchsia #39 Becoming Moonlight® Glitter  = $6.50   (#3539)
5g Garnet Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #46 = $6.50 #3546
garnet Garnet glitter on henna
Ruby Red
5g Bridal Red Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #73 = $6.50 (#3573) 

Red glitter Bridal Red Glitter
Golden Red
5g Aurora Sunrise Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #4 = $6.50 (#3504) 
Aurora Sunrise Aurora Sunrise Red
5g Tourmaline Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #41  = $6.50 #3541
copper copper glitter on henna
5g Bittersweet Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #26 = $6.50  #3526
chocolate Bittersweet glitter on henna
Bright gold
5g Bridal Gold Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #16 = $6.50 (#3516) 

Gold Bright Gold glitter
Dowery Gold
5g Aurora Gold Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #40 = $6.50 (#3540) 
aurora gold Aurora Gold
Peridot 3535
5g Peridot Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #35  = $6.50  (#3535)
peridot 35peridot on henna
Aurora Willow
5g Aurora Willow Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #6 = $6.50 (#3506) 
Aurora Willow Aurora Willow
Emerald 3531
5g  Emerald Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #31  = $6.50 (#3531)
emerald 31emerald on henna
Aurora Goddess Green 
5g Aurora Goddess Green Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #15 = $6.50 (#3515) 
Aurora goddess Aurora Goddess glitter
Aurora Mermaid
5g Peacock Becoming Moonlight® Glitter # 67 = $6.50 (#3567) 
Mermaid Mermaid
Teal 17
5g Beltaine Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #17 = $6.50 (#3517)
teal 17teal on henna
Tropical Sea
5g Teal Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #19 = $6.50 (#3519) 
tropical sea Tropical Sea
Mermaid 3564
5g Naiad Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #64  = $6.50  (#3564)
Blue 35naiad on henna
5g Paradise Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #59 = $6.50 (#3514)
Peacock Peacock
blue 3575
5g Sapphire Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #75  = $6.50 (#3575)
sapphire 75
blue 75 on henna
5g Lapis Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #22 = $6.50 #3522
Lapis Lapis on henna
Wizard 3565
5g Wizard Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #65  = $6.50 (#3565)
Aurora Sky  
5g Ocean Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #08  = $6.50 (#3508) 
Aurora Sky Aurora Sky Glitter
5g Ultraviolet Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #3518 = $6.50  (#3518)
Ultraviolet Utra Violet glitter
5g Lilac Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #56 = $6.50 #3556
amethyst 33
5g Amethyst Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #33 = $6.50 #3533
naiadbluetyrian on henna
amethyst 3558
5g Tyrian Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #58 = $6.50 #3558
tyriantyrian on henna
Bacchus 3558
5g Bacchus Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #01  = $6.50 #3501
Aurora Purple
5g Purple Magic Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #44 = $6.50 (#3544) 

Holographic Purple Aurora Purple
Black 3578
5g Sorcerer Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #78  = $6.50  #3578

Black Glitter
5g Jet Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #10 = $6.50  (#3510) 
black glitter (actually, black glitter on henna
 isn't particularly interesting)
5g Sterling Silver Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #03 = $6.50  (#3503)

sterling Sterling
Aurora Silver  
5g Aurora Silver Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #7 = $6.50 (#3507) 

Aurora Silver Aurora Silver
Angel 3511
5g Angel Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #11  = $6.50 #3511
angelic 11angel glitter
Aurora Ice  
5g Opal Becoming Moonlight® Glitter #25 = $6.50  (#3525) 

Aurora Ice Aurora Ice

How do you use Becoming Moonlight® Glitter on your henna
 or Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste?

This glitter comes in shaker jars.  Open the top and gently tap the shaker over your henna, or Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste.  The glitter will stay on your henna and Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste.  Blow off excess.  It'll look FABULOUS!  Mehandi Becoming Moonlight® Glitter has spectacular optical qualities that will glint fire-flashes of color that can be seen clear across a room, and the aurora colors change every time the light hits it a different way.  You'll LOVE this stuff!

Instructions for Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste and Glitter
You will need the following things in addition to your Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste:
  • 91% isopropyl alcohol and paper towels for emergency clean up 
  • a soft brush for spreading the glitter over the pattern
  • scotch tape
  • nail clippers
Practice on yourself.  Freshly shaved legs are a great practice pad.  A neck, chest, face, back, belly, arms and shaved legs are ideal places for application.  If you apply this glue to hairy skin, removal will be as difficult as getting bubble gum out of a cocker spaniel's ear.  To apply this body art, begin by cleaning the person's skin, or the glitter will stick where you do not want it to.

Do not apply Becoming Moonlight Body® Gilding Paste onto a person who is allergic to band-aids, adhesives, or acrylic.    This product does not contain latex, but some people are allergic to acrylic medical adhesives.  

If you get Becoming Moonlight® gilding paste on clothing, rinse it out with isopropyl alcohol.  It will not wash out.
remove tape

Remove the tape from the cone tip when you are ready to work.  The tape keeps the glue from leaking out, and it keeps the glue from drying at the tip.
clip tip

Clip a tiny bit from the tip.  If you clip too much, you'll waste your cone.

Clip the smallest bit off the tip that will squeeze out a tiny line of paste. 
fine lines

Test your line. Use a smaller line of Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste than you would henna paste.  Thin lines dry quickly.  Heavier lines dry more slowly.  Glitter and other powders will fatten up your lines, so start thin. 
Begin to draw

Apply Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste to the skin, just as you would apply henna. If your lines are thin, the glue will be dry enough to apply glitter in a few minutes.

This paste will not become transparent as it dries.  It will stay white.
Put on some glitter

Brush Becoming Moonlight® glitter or gilding powder over the pattern, Brush very lightly to spread the glitter exactly where you want it to go. Brush away the excess.
apply more

Do you want to add another, clearly separate color?  Apply more Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste, and apply the other powder. 
Apply more glitter and brush it away2

Brush away the excess with a soft brush.  Be careful to not touch the brush to the sticky paste.  

apply more

Do you want a design with many colors? You can continue applying as as much complexity as you wish.   
many colors blending

You can sprinkle in more colors; the colors will blend together. Brush away the excess with a soft brush.
add yet more

You can add Becoming Moonlight® gilding powder, Mehron Metallic powders, and gems with Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste.
Add gilding powder2

Sprinkle on gilding powder and brush or blow away the excess. If the weather is very humid, or if you are perspiring, you may need to rinse off excess glitter.  Wait twenty minutes for the paste to dry before washing. You can wash away the excess glitter, gilding powder, or metallic powder with soap and water,  washing will not disturb the pattern! 
all done

No more worries about aftercare!    The person can put loose clothing on over this body art.  The person can shower, and the art will not come off!  This body art will last between three and ten days, depending on how the person takes care of their art.  You can remove a pattern quickly by rubbing it with the sticky side of scotch tape!

clean up

If you get a sticky blob on the tip of your cone while you work, clean the tip with an alcohol prep pad. 

Cone of Becoming Moonlight Gilding Paste

When you're done, clean the tip and put a tab of tape back on the tip.  Your paste will last for months without refrigeration.