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Henna your hair

Ancient Sunrise
® Body Art Quality Henna for Hair
Body art quality henna can be applied over synthetic dyes without damaging your hair. 

Ancient Sunrise ® Indigo for Hair

Now Laboratory Certified Pure!  Use indigo and henna to dye your hair raven's wing black, without toxic chemicals

Ancient Sunrise ® Cassia Obovata
Cassia Obovata is often called "neutral henna".  This will make your hair thick and healthy, and it has a yellow-gold dye molecule.
Ancient Sunrise Kits

 Ancient Sunrise®
Henna for Hair Kits

Eighteen different kits:
no guesswork, everything is included. One is perfect for you
Henna for African Hair

Ancient Sunrise ® Henna For African Hair and Bundles for African hair
Henna especially chosen for African hair: safe for relaxed hair, strengthens fragile hair.
No fresh lemon juice?

Ancient Sunrise®

Powdered Fruit Acids

Your henna will stain more effectively if your mix is slightly acidic. Click HERE if you don't have juice on hand.
hair samples

Get  samples.
ALWAYS test before you dye!
Ancient Sunrise Henna for Hair

Ancient Sunrise®

Henna for Hair

FREE NEW Henna Ebook:  new edition of the Henna for Hair book: more information, more 'how to,' new discoveries, more science!

Ancient Sunrise®

Minerals build up in your hair if you have hard water, and spoil your cassia results.  Rainwash removes mineral buildup from your hair!
Shampoo Bars

Ancient Sunrise®
Handcrafted Shampoo

This hand made hair soap makes your hair fat and happy without harsh chemicals.
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