Are you allergic to chemical hair dye?  
We can help!

Use Ancient Sunrise ® Indigo for SAFE, BEAUTIFUL Black Hair
Certified by Alkemists Pharmaceuticals to have NO lead, NO PPD, NO contaminants, adulterants or pesticide residue

If you are allergic to chemical hair dye, or have been advised by your physician to not use chemical hair dye, you should be able to use Ancient Sunrise® Sudina Indigo  Indigo safely.

Sudina Indigo

Sudina Indigo is a top quality indigo.  Adding CMC powder to Sudina indigo will make the texture creamier.  (If you don't get CMC powder, you can add a spoonful of instant vanilla pudding powder and get the same result.)  This is laboratory certified pure indigo leaf, partially fermented, dried and powdered. This indigo is packaged in 100g packets; the 500g boxes contain five 100g packets.

Purchase Sudina Indigo from Ancient Sunrise ®

Ancient Sunrise ® Sudina Indigo  3g = $1.50  #2545
Ancient Sunrise ® Sudina Indigo 25g = $4.50  #2546
Ancient Sunrise ® Sudina Indigo 100g = $7.99  #2547
Ancient Sunrise ® Sudina Indigo 500g = $37.45 #2548
Ancient Sunrise ® Sudina Indigo 1000g = $69.90 #2549

100g each of henna and indigo will dye short hair.
200g each of henna and indigo will dye collar length straight hair.
300g each of henna and indigo will dye shoulder length straight hair.
500g each of henna and indigo will dye waist length hair.
Gwyn's indigo black hair

Ancient Sunrise®
Sudina Indigo Indigo has been laboratory certified to have
  • NO PPD
  • NO chemical dye
  • NO Lead
  • No Pesticide residue
  • No contaminants or adulterants
  • PH neutral
Dye your  hair first with henna, wash that out,  and then dye over that with indigo to make your hair  BLACK as a black cat.  To dye your hair black, you will need an equal amount of henna and indigo. Don't forget your henna!
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on how to dye your hair black with henna and indigo.

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Indigo doesn't mix up as smoothly as henna; some people mix CMC powder into their indigo for a creamier, more manageable mix.  Use 1 packet for 100g of indigo.  

Use five packets for 500g of indigo.

Purchase Ancient Sunrise ® CMC powder 2g. packet = $1.50  #2513
Purchase a five-pack of Ancient Sunrise ® CMC powder and save = $7.50 #2506
Add CMC powder for a creamier mix:

 add CMC  CMC  CMC

Put one packet of CMC powder into one 100g packet of indigo.  Stir the CMC powder into the indigo.  Then, add water and stir.  Your indigo will be more smooth, creamy and easier to work with.