Harquus Dura:
a SAFE  BLACK temporary tattoo

Harquus: The SAFE black temporary tattoo

When it must be BLACK, and it must be SAFE!
Harquus is Dura  professional quality temporary tattoo paint by Temptu.com.   There is NO PPD, para-phenylenediamine in this Harquus. This is NOT black henna!  It does not stain the skin, and is safe to use. This product is regularly used by the motion picture and television industries to safely, realistically create temporary tattoos on actors for their roles.  It is water resistant.  You can stand in the shower, and the harquus will not smear or rinse off.   Dura will easily last all day on the skin and may last several days, depending on care and conditions.  If you wish to remove your  Dura, simply wipe the skin clean with isopropyl alcohol and cotton balls.

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The ingredients of Harquus Dura by Temptu are isapropanol, ethanol, cellulose and cellulose derivatives, castor oil, Ultramarine Blue and Black Iron Oxide.
 Harquus Dura

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Harquus DuraHarquusPurchase Harquus Dura!

30 ml Harquus Dura  ( 2.5 inches or 5 cm tall actual size)  is sufficient to do over 100 small patterns.  One bottle will adorn 10-20 backs  as seen here.

120 ml Harquus Dura  is sufficient to do over 400 small patterns, or 40 - 80 full backs as seen here.

One 30 ml bottle of Harquus Dura by Temptu is $12 (#3202)
One 120 ml bottle (large) of Harquus Dura by Temptu is $31.50