Free Henna for Hair Book

Chapter 1: What is Henna? 
Chapter 2: What is compound henna, and why are there packages labeled henna in a variety of colors? 
Chapter 3: A little history of henna and hair dye in the west 
Chapter 4: How do you dye your hair with henna? 
Chapter 5: How do you dye your hair brunette with henna and indigo 
Chapter 6: Dye your hair black with henna and indigo 
Chapter 7: How do henna and indigo dye gray and other hair colors? 
Chapter 8: What is Cassia? 
Chapter 9: Things to Remember: 
Chapter 10: How do you do you do this in a hair salon? 
Chapter 11: Quick Mix Reference Chart 
Never dyed your hair with henna before?  Want a free book?
Click HERE  or on the book cover to download the free Henna for Hair "How To" Henna ebook! 
 6MB pdf


Want to watch "how to" dye your hair dark brunette with henna and indigo?
Click here to see the UTube Video: Henna and indigo dyeing gray hair dark brown.

Click HERE to watch a UTube video of
applying henna to relaxed African hair and see the results!

Click HERE to watch a UTube video of 
dyeing hair black with henna and indigo

Several people have inquired about translating "Henna for Hair"

This is a wonderful idea, but you have to do it by the rules.

Here's what you CAN NOT do: DO NOT translate this book without my permission in whole or in part and put it on YOUR website. That is a violation of international copyright law and I WILL prosecute.

Here's what you CAN do ... follow the instructions below precisely, and I will put your translation on MY websites, and I will send you compensation. You can link to your translation from your site, but you absolutely cannot put it on your website.
  • Email me at (you MUST ask first!) and I'll send you the download information.
  • Download the document (microsoft word), translate it sentence for sentence into your language. There is no need to translate the price list, but the rest should be exactly as I wrote it. Let me know when you’re done. Email the book back in microsoft word, one chapter at a time, so all the files go through.
  • I will compensate your work with one kilo of henna, indigo, cassia, or any combination of those as you wish. I know that's not much payment, but I don't want to ask people to do the work for free, and I really can't pay more because the information is provided free to everyone who needs it.

Let me know if you'd like to proceed. If you want to translate the book and get a kilo ... email