Liquid shampoo and conditioner

Ancient Sunrise Unscented Liquid Shampoo, and Lavender Liquid Shampoo, and Lavender Conditioner
Ancient Sunrise
Unscented Liquid Shampoo and Lavender Liquid Shampoo
completely natural liquid shampoo that leaves your hair 'squeaky clean'!

Ancient Sunrise Liquid Shampoos contain no chemical detergents, fragrances, coal tar derivatives or artificial ingredients.  These shampoos are made from saponified oils of sunflower (infused with lavender, zizyphus, cassia, amla) coconut, and castor bean, vegetable glycerin, xanthan gum.  You may choose either unscented or natural lavender scent.

How to use Ancient Sunrise Unscented Liquid Shampoo and Lavender Shampoo:

Massage a spoonful of liquid shampoo into wet hair. This shampoo does not lather as much as commercial shampoo, but it IS working! Leave the shampoo in hair 2 or 3 minutes, then  rinse thoroughly until your hair feels "squeaky" clean. This shampoo is not recommended for small children as it stings eyes more than commercial shampoo.

Ancient Sunrise Hair Conditioner with Lavender

Ancient Sunrise Conditioner nourishes, strengthens, and detangles hair without any parabens, sulfates, or silicones! It won’t leave hair greasy or limp, but provides weightless body and shine while taming fly-away hairs. Perfect for all hair types, this conditioner pairs nicely with our liquid shampoo or shampoo bars.

Rice bran oil provides nutrients, body, and shine, and is great for flaky or sensitive scalps. Vegetable glycerine protects and moisturizes hair, and silk and wheat proteins repair and strengthen hair. Behentrimonium methosulfate (BTMS) is a natural-derived ingredient known for its ability to detangle and soften hair without leaving build up.  BMTS is an ingredient recommended by Curly Nikki and other natural hair care experts.
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This shampoo is wonderful for all hair types, but we especially recommend liquid shampoo for people with tightly curled hair, dreadlocks and sisterlocks!

Ancient Sunrise Unscented Liquid Shampoo,  8 oz bottle = $12.50  #2617
Ancient Sunrise Lavender Liquid Shampoo, 8 oz bottle = $12.50  #2618

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Ancient Sunrise Hair Conditioner: 8 oz =  $12.50  #2622

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