Mehron Precious Gems Powders
with Mehron Mixing Liquid, Henna, and Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste

Mehron Precious Gems

Body art by Wendy Rover Copyright © 2012

Mehron Precious Gems

Mehron Precious Gem Powders

Precious Gem Powders over Pros-Aide Adhesive Cream

 Body art by Beth Kitchen Copyright © 2012

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Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste

Becoming Moonlight

Purchase a ready to use 1/4 oz Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste cone =  $7.99 #3979

Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste hardens when frozen.  If you are in an area which is presently below freezing, please call us so we can arrange appropriate shipping! 1-855-MEHANDI

Mehron Mixing Liquid

Mixing Liquid
Scroll to the bottom of the page for examples and instructions for using Mehron Precious Gems with  mixing liquid.

Purchase Mehron Mixing Liquid, 4.5 oz  =  $9.95   #3419

Purchase Mehron Precious Gem Powders

May Contain: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Tin Oxide, Chromium Oxide Greens, Ferric Ferrocyanide, Carmine, and Silica.

Remove with soap and water.

Mehron Precious Gem Powders applied over Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste
Mehron Precious Gem Powders applied with Mehron Mixing Liquid over henna.

Diamond Mehron Precious Gem Powder, 5g  = $9.95  #3432


Pearl Mehron Precious Gem Powder, 5g  = $9.95  #3436

Opal Mehron Precious Gem Powder, 5g  = $9.95  #3435


Garnet Mehron Precious Gem Powder, 5g  = $9.95 #3434


Ruby Mehron Precious Gem Powder, 5g  = $9.95  #3438


Topaz Mehron Precious Gem Powder, 5g  = $9.95  #3440


Peridot Mehron Precious Gem Powder, 5g  = $9.95  #3437


Aquamarine Mehron Precious Gem Powder, 5g  = $9.95  #3430


Emerald Mehron Precious Gem Powder, 5g  = $9.95 #3433


Turquoise Mehron Precious Gem Powder, 5g  = $9.95  #3441


Sapphire Mehron Precious Gem Powder,  5g  = $9.95  #3439


Amethyst Mehron Precious Gem Powder, 5g  = $9.95  #3429


Black Onyx Mehron Precious Gem Powder, 5g  = $9.95 #3431


Instructions for using Mehron Precious Gem Powders
  with Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste
Click HERE for a complete guide to learning 'white henna' techniques.

Do you want to do body gilding with Mehron Precious Gems Powder and  Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste? You will need the following:

Becoming Moonlight
  • a cone of Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste
  • 91% isopropyl alcohol for general clean up
  • alcohol wipes to keep glue flowing smoothly through the cone tip
  • a blusher brush
  • scotch tape
  • a flat brush  
  • paper towels or tissues for clean up
  • nail clippers
To apply this body art, begin by cleaning the skin, or the powder will stick where you do not want it to.  

This product does not contain latex, but some people are allergic to adhesives.  Do not use this product on any person who is allergic to band-aids.

If you get this product on clothing, rinse it out with isopropyl alcohol.  It will not wash out.

A neck, chest, face, back, belly, arms and shaved legs are ideal places for application.  If you apply this glue to hairy skin, removal will be as difficult as getting bubble gum out of a cocker spaniel's ear. 

tape off

Remove the tape from the tip when you are ready to work.  The tape keeps the glue from leaking out, and it keeps the glue from drying at the tip.   If the glue dries at the tip, wipe away the dry bit with an alcohol pad. 
clip the tip

Clip the tip of the cone a tiny bit.  Use a smaller line and squeeze less than you would henna paste. 

I prefer very thin lines which dry quickly. Apply Mehron Gilding Precious Gems Powder over thin lines of Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste after just a few minutes of drying time.  Other people use heavier lines, which dry more slowly.  
test lines

This is my favorite size for Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste lines. 
apply the paste

The glue will begin to dry quickly. If your lines are thin, the glue will be dry in five minutes. Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste stays white as it dries.  Wait three minutes or so before applying Mehron Precious Gem Powder.
add some powder

Brush on Mehron Precious Gem Powder with a fine brush, gently dusting the powder over the dried lines of Pros-Aide Cream Adhesive.  Brush very lightly to spread the powder exactly where you want it to go.
spread the powder around

Brush Mehron Precious Gems powder all around the Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste lines.  If you flood the area with powder, you may have to rinse off the excess.
Brush away the excess.

Brush away the excess powder.  If you need to rinse off excess Mehron Precious Gem Powder with soap and water, wait five or ten minutes. Then, washing will not disturb the pattern! 
more paste

Do you want a design with more colors?  Apply more Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste.
add more colors

After a few minutes, use a fine brush to add more colors, brushing the Mehron Precious Gem Powder over the adhesive.  Spread and smoothe the powders with a fine brush. Brush away the excess with your blusher brush. If you can't brush all the powder off, wait ten minutes, and rinse the area gently with soap and water to remove excess color
last application

Would you like another color? Apply more Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Paste. You can make a piece as complex as you wish!
more powder

Apply more color.  You may also apply Apply more Becoming Moonlight® Glitter, Becoming Moonlight® Gems, or Mehron Metallic Powder.
all done

All done!  
You can put loose clothing on over your body art.  You can wash and rinse your body art.  Don't scrub it, or try to shave over it.

When you are tired of your body art, or when it starts to look grubby, you can remove it without the slow fade-down of henna.  Remove this body art, by rubbing the area with the sticky side of scotch tape. This body art will last between three and seven days, depending on where the art is on the body, and how carefully the person takes care of their art.  

Instructions for using Mehron Precious Gem Powders with Mehron Mixing Liquid

Mixing Liquid and pigments

You can use Mehron Mixing Liquid with all of the Mehron Precious
Gem Powders, Mehron Metallics, and Becoming Moonlight® Gilding Powders.
Mixing with Mehron Mixing Liquid

Pour a small amount of mixing liquid into a small glass.  Pick up a little powder from one of the jars and put it on a plate.  Add a drop or two of Mehron Mixing Liquid.  Brush the two together until you have mixed a little paint.  
Begin to paint

Paint in areas of your henna work that you would like to highlight. You can mix colors, and use as many colors as you like.  The paint dries in moments.  You can remove the paint with soap and water, scrubbing gently with a washrag.
Little bird2

Have fun!  Clean your brushes with soap and water.  This body art paint  is water resistant, safe for skin,  and beautifully luminous.