Pre-Cut Triangles for Supercones

Precut Mylar Cones

Roll your own Henna Cones with convenient pre-cut triangles of  assorted printed and patterned polypropylene wrap.
Inexpensive, convenient, SHINY!

Use Mylar Cones! 
  Supercone rolling instructions are at

Here's a video of rolling a Henna Cone:

Click to see a conerolling demo in Quicktime (MP4) format

You can roll a supercone thin and tight for hair-fine lines, or loose for thick lines.  Supercones are kind to your hands, unlike thumb busting jac bottles.  With supercones you don't have to pick out clogs, you just pinch the clog through the tip!  Supercones ROCK!

However, finding nice mylar, a clean table, good ruler, and sharp scissors to cut cones is a nuisance.  Your cat will want to sit on the mylar and hair it up, your good scissors may have been used to cut a garden hose, the ruler disappeared at the back of the drawer, and if you can find a clean tabletop, you are a better housekeeper than I am.  And, all that takes time.  So, instead of throwing out the cat, sharpening the scissors, finding the ruler, and cleaning the house (yuk), how about ordering  a packet of perfectly cut triangles, in all sorts of colors and shiny patterns ready to roll  ..........  at 20 cents each ..... very convenient!  That'll roll you through a lot of henna!

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Purchase Triangles for Cones!

100 Pre-Cut Small Triangles: $20

100 Pre-Cut Large Triangles: $20 + $5 priority shipping in the USA
Assorted colors and patterns

We have two sizes:
12" and 15" right angle sides

two sizes 

This one is small 

this one is large

 The small one makes a "pencil cone" and the larger one makes a bigger cone.