We ship all over the world every day.  

You can estimate the charges for international shipping on your package through this Postal Service calculator:

When you look up your country, remember

1) You have to calculate the amount in pounds, not kilos. 300g goes at the 1 pound rate.  600 g goes at the 2 pound rate.   900g goes at the 3 pound rate.
2) The smallest flat rate box is very small, and won’t hold more than one small item.  The largest flat rate box will hold two kilos.
3) We only ship via global priority mail.  We do not ship by surface mail, because we have to have tracking on your package to make sure it actually arrives.

Do you live outside of the USA and have a Paypal account?  Email your order to us.  We will calculate your postage and send you a Paypal invoice.

1) Copy and paste your shopping list into an email to
2) Please title the email "Shopping list for"
3) If you want us to send you a Paypal invoice, tell us your Paypal email address
4) Please tell us your shipping address.
5) We will estimate your combined shipping charges.
6) We will send you a Paypal invoice
7) You pay the invoice and we will send you your goodies!

  • Please check your country’s customs policies to determine if you will be charged duty, taxes or VAT. 
  • There may be a limit on the value of what can enter your country duty-free. 
  • When you receive your package, you will be responsible for paying these fees!
  • We can not accept checks or money orders drawn on foreign accounts and in foreign currency.

Presently, the value of the US dollar is very low against most currencies.  That means that if you order from, you get more for your money!

You can find out how much your order will cost you by checking the current exchange rates at this link:

You can order by email, phone, fax or mail with Visa and Mastercard. 
  • You can phone your order in to 330-673-0600 ( please call between 10 and 6 pm Eastern Standard Time USA, Monday through Friday) 
  • You can fax your order in to 330-673-0602 any time 
  • You can mail your order to 339 Tallmadge, Kent, Ohio 44240 
  • You can order by email:  (use the order forms above, or tell us what you want; title your email "shopping list for") 

To order by email with a credit card: email

1) If you want us to bill your Visa or Mastercard break up the number and expiration over 2 or more emails,
 or write the numbers as words for a secure transaction (five six three ....)  
2) Please tell us your shipping address.
3) We will estimate your combined shipping charges.
4) Please tell us your billing address.
5) We will charge your credit card
6) We will send you your goodies!