Becoming Moonlight® Ancient Red Henna Paste
premium quality $29.99
8 oz of ready to use paste mixed from Rajasthani Twilight henna, our highest independently certified lawsone content for great dark stains, and hand strained for perfect texture.

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Ancient Red henna paste

Becoming Moonlight® Ancient Red Henna Paste

Eight ounces of paste of paste should be enough for an artist to do a full days work, doing sixty medium festival patterns, or a bride and four of her friends.

Becoming Moonlight® Ancient Red henna paste ingredients:
  • Pure lawsonia inermis powder
  • lemon juice
  • Cajeput blend of aromatherapy grade essential oils

The stain from Becoming Moonlight®Ancient Red will be different on every person.  Apply on clean, dry skin and let the paste dry.  It is not necessary to wrap or seal Ancient Red. Leave the paste on at least two hours, and leave it on overnight if possible.  The stain will darken rapidly during the first forty-eight hours after the paste has been removed.

This paste is made fresh and kept frozen until we ship it.   Refrigerate or freeze this paste until you are ready to use it.
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Ancient Red

Becoming Moonlight®Ancient Red henna paste is for external use only.
  • Becoming Moonlight®Ancient Red is a pre-mixed henna paste that can be used to recreate traditional henna body art as has been used for celebrations in many countries for thousands of years. Ancient Red henna paste is for experimental body art,  for educational purposes, or use in traditional cultural celebrations.  
The FDA has NOT approved henna for use on skin.

Persons with G6PD deficiency,  napthoquinone sensitivity,  and/or Naiouli oil and/or citrus allergies should not use this paste.  Do not apply on children under six years of age, and do not apply on broken skin, genitals, and/or near eyes and/or mouth.  Do not ingest.  Do not apply over more than ten percent (one tenth) of body surface area.

Ancient Red