Aquarellable Pencils

brown pencils for henna

Sketch henna patterns on skin with brown aquarellable pencils.

Aquarellabe Pencils can help you have  to happier customers and more perfect henna and indigo work!  Aquarellable pencils make knotwork easy!

These pencils will help you get more complex, more perfect henna work by allowing you to sketch and fiddle before you commit to henna! 

If you have a customer that's uncertain or uneasy of how a pattern will look, sketch it on their skin first and show them! 

You can draw on moist skin, or you can dip the tip in water and draw on skin. These pencils will not interfere with the henna stain.  These pencils will not stain skin.  One wipe of a damp cloth, and the lines are gone!

You will henna more quickly and more accurately if you sketch first.

blue pencils for indigo

Sketch indigo and woading patterns on skin with blue aquarellable pencils.

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3 henna colored pencils are $6
3 indigo colored pencils are $6
Here's now you lay out tricky knotwork henna design using these pencils!

Sketch complex patterns on the skin with an aquarellable pencil for henna speed and accuracy.

Sketch before you henna