Scheherazade's Gilding for Henna
Scheherazade Gilding

Apply Scheherazade Gilding when you apply the henna paste ...
and the dazzle lasts night after night as the henna stains darken!

first night  two days later  four days later
Scheherazade on the first day, the third day, and the fifth day!

Scheherazade may last for ten days on upper arms and legs.  Scheherazade will not wash off with water.

Scheherazade does not last as long on skin which is oily, which flexes, or on palms and soles.

Make Scheherazade Gilding with waterproof shimmer temporary tattoo paint.
Shimmer paints are durable, waterproof, temporary tattoo paint similar to "Inked".

Apply shimmer temporary tattoo paint with a brush and 99% isopropyl alcohol the same way as "Inked" and Harquus from  

Day 1

Day 3

Scheherazade with henna application and two days later.  

Create Scheherazade gilding:

 just a normal henna pattern  

1. Start with an ordinary henna pattern.  Apply henna and let it dry.  Do not seal the henna with lemon/sugar or any other seal!

Mix Scheherazade with Shimmer and glitter

2. Use Shimmer temporary tattoo paint, Glitter and Gilding from  You'll also need brushes, and 99% isopropyl alcohol to clean your brushes.

Paint Scheherazade into the pattern

3. Put several drops of your Shimmer paint into a shot glass. Add mehandi glitter to the shimmer paint.  Stir the glitter into the paint.
Paint the Scheherazade into the henna pattern

4. Paint Scheherazade gilding over the dry henna.  Scheherazade will seal the henna.
Almost done! Lovely!

7. Brush gilding powder over the dry paint for dazzle and durability.  Do not put lemon/sugar or any other seal over the gilding!
8. Add additional Scheherazade colors and gems to create a masterpiece!
9. Clean your brushes with 99% isopropyl alcohol.
10.  Your henna will flake off of the skin the next day, but most of the Scheherazade will remain!  

Use Shimmer Temporary Tattoo Paint for Henna:
Mix with glitter and dust with gilding powder for Scheherazade.

shimmer Your Henna2

If you use Scheherezade, do not use lemon/sugar or any other seal with your henna!  Scheherazade itself will seal the henna, and any other sealant will spoil your gilding. If you use top quality henna from and terps from you can get dark stains without sealing!

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