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Learn the about the history and techniques of beautiful Celtic woading at these links:

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Becoming Moonlight® Ancient  Blue® Crystal Indigo can be used to recreate woading as was done in Iron Age Britain. Indigo stains on palms last 3 - 8 days, depending on your skin.  25 g of Ancient Blue® is enough to make one hundred small patterns, or ten patterns ankle to hip, or to do five patterns shoulder to ankle.

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This is real indigo, captured at a crucial point in the indigo fermentation, dye release oxidation and refining process. It contains plant impurities.  It is a natural plant product of Indigofera Tinctoria, and it contains natural  indigo dye.  If you paint your skin with Ancient Blue® Crystal indigo and wash it away after a few minutes, it will leave a stain on your skin which will last four to seven days. Indigo does not penetrate the skin deeply as does henna.

Purified Indigo blue dye is regarded as safe for contact with skin.  Purified Indigo is permitted by the FDA for inclusion in cosmetics and soaps. Most people come into contact with indigo every day when wearing jeans, and at some time have found brand new dark blue clothing briefly stains their skin. Ancient Blue® Crystal Indigo  is made from indigo plant, but has not been purified, and is alkaline like strong soap or wood ash.  Batches may vary, so safety cannot be determined.
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Recreate Celtic Woading with Becoming Moonlight® Ancient Blue®!

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This indigo is for skin art.
Do NOT use it on hair!

Do NOT freeze. Freezing will ruin indigo.
NO CONGELAR!. Si congela arruinara el índigo.

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Becoming Moonlight® Ancient Blue® Crystal Indigo is intended for the educational and experimental study of history and feasibility of traditional indigo body arts from Iron Age Britain Arabia, Kurdistan, and Yemen. This is not a cosmetic for everyday use. 

Please DO NOT
paint indigo onto broken skin, onto genitals, near your mouth or eyes.   If your skin is easily irritated by alkalines such as wood ash, harsh soap, or chalk, do not use indigo on your skin. Do not use indigo on children under the age of 15.  Indigo is a natural dye, and is not an Azo dye nor a coal tar derivative.  If you are allergic to blue food dye, or have ever had an allergic reaction to indigo dyed clothing, do not paint your skin with indigo. 

Becoming Moonlight® Ancient Blue® Crystal Indigo is a partially fermented indigo vat, frozen and dehydrated during a critical period of the refining process.  Because of this, Crystal Indigo will penetrate bind into the outermost skin cells instead of being a superficial layer of paint . 

Your instructions for use are in "Finding Blue":
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