Becoming Moonlight®
Pattern Transfer Paper


Do you need to apply a pattern that you can't freehand perfectly?

Knotwork patterns can be very difficult to freehand, and people LOVE knotwork patterns.

Would you like a free book of knotwork patterns for henna?  Go HERE!

No person can do EVERY pattern perfectly.  Transfer paper will help you through the "impossibles"

Do you need to apply a pattern perfectly 100 times in a row?

Sometimes you have a corporate party job where you have to draw a corporate logo perfectly, time after time.  Transfer paper will insure a perfect pattern every time!

Transfer paper is easy to use.

Becoming Moonlight® Pattern Transfer Paper Sheets are safe for use on skin.

Instructions for using Becoming Moonlight®  Pattern Transfer Paper are

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Purchase Becoming Moonlight® Transfer Paper:

Sample of Becoming Moonlight® Tattoo Transfer Paper = $1.50 #3913
Learn to use transfer paper!

Becoming Moonlight® Pattern Transfer Paper: 20 sheets of  9" x 11" pattern transfer paper =  $10 #3933
Becoming Moonlight®Pattern Transfer Paper Sheets are 9" x 11" or 22 cm x 30 cm

Cut the size you need from the sheet. 
You can cut 5 armband or 12 palm sized transfers from one sheet.
Use the instructions at

Transfer Paper