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January-February 2023

This month's featured product
Ancient Sunrise Medium Brown Kit - Natural Henna Hair Dye for Gray Hair
The Henna for Gray Hair Medium Brown Kit dyes graying medium colored hair a rich, medium brown shade and adds phenomenal shine. Our kit dyes even 100% gray a medium brown hair color. On dark partially graying hair, the end results will be warm medium brown highlights, and a rich sheen on the hair that is not gray.

Through February 15, save 15% on the Ancient Sunrise Medium Brown kit.

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Catherine's Curiosities - Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD

This month, we continue our presentation of each of the chapters of "Ancient Sunrise Henna for Hair" by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD, a free, downloadable e-book about how and why to use henna as an alternative to commercial chemical hair dyes.

Chapter 11: Henna on Relaxed and Natural Hair

Ancient Sunrise® henna, indigo and cassia can safely be applied to all relaxed and
natural hair, and will improve the health and strength of the hair whether kinky, coiling,
curly, wavy, or straight. Henna will not significantly change the color of dark hair, but
will give it red highlights in the sunshine. Combinations of henna and indigo can be
formulated to completely, safely, permanently cover gray hair in brunette and black hair.
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Tips and Techniques

Indigo Touchup
As your hennaed hair grows out, you can touch up your roots using indigo alone.
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Real People, Real Henna
- How our customers use Ancient Sunrise

Each month, we present an article by one of our customers sharing their experience using Ancient Sunrise products. If you would like to be included in "Real People, Real Henna," contact our Customer Service staff for information..

Covering Adriana's Greys

My mom has naturally medium brown hair with golden highlights. She had been using “light” and “medium brown” commercial hair dyes for about 7 years before she decided to switch to henna. Commercial hair dyes washed out of her hair too quickly and her grey hair emerged after only two weeks. I’m not talking about grey roots; I’m talking about whole strands of hair.
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From our blog

Why Henna Color Darkens and How to Prevent It
Unlike boxed dyes, henna is permanent and does not fade. With continued applications and exposure to heat or mineral buildup, the color darkens. Henna and indigo also go through oxidation. For those who find their color results too bright, darkening with subsequent applications or heat appliances is a handy technique for adjusting their color.
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