Pros-Aide "The Original" Liquid (1 oz bottle)

Pros-Aide "The Original" Liquid (1 oz bottle)

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Pros Aide Liquid

Pros-Aide is the original water based adhesive for the skin. It can be worn for long periods of time without irritating the skin. It is a water resistant long lasting adhesive great to use for body art and stage make up. Its original use is for medical prosthetic application. It has been discovered by Hollywood and famous makeup artist use it for their designs.
Apply Pros-Aide Adhesive "The Original" Liquid with a brush, then dust it with glitter, gilding powder, or Mehron Metallic powder to create long-lasting waterproof body art. Also, use to create your own Hollywood style special effect makeup.

Note:Pros-Aide® Cream Adhesive hardens when frozen. If you are in an area which is presently has below freezing temperatures, please call us so we can arrange appropriate shipping.


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