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Ancient Sunrise® Fruit Acid Powders
Henna and cassia will dye your hair most effectively when mixed with an acidic liquid. The acidic liquid keeps the hydrogen atoms intact on the corners of the quinone molecules so the color (lawsone or crysophanic acid) can bind to the keratin in your hair. If these molecules are bound to your hair, the color will not fade or go peculiar. In fact, the color will gradually deepen and look more natural. Dilute lemon juice, orange juice, apple juice, and cranberry juice are all great for mixing.

If you don't have fresh fruit juice handy .... use one of the Ancient Sunrise® fruit acids below! All of the Ancient Sunrise® acids can be kept indefinitely, ready to use. There is no need to scrounge around in your house or run to the store for juice to mix with your henna.

Each one has slightly different characteristics so you can choose the one that will give you the results you want.

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Ancient Sunrise Malluma Kristalovino Ancient Sunrise Citric Acid
Use Ancient Sunrise® Malluma Kristalovino to create a darker, deeper auburn stain. Use Ancient Sunrise® Citric Acid to mix a mildly acidic henna paste for henna or cassia color.

Ancient Sunrise Nightfall Rose Ancient Sunrise Copperberry
Use Ancient Sunrise® Nightfall Rose to add an ash tone to the color. Use Ancient Sunrise® Copperberry to keep henna and cassia from darkening with oxidation.
Ancient Sunrise Amla Powder Ancient Sunrise Kristalovino
Ancient Sunrise® Amla Powder can make henna and indigo paste dye your hair a cooler brunette.
Use Ancient Sunrise® Kristalovino fruit acid with henna or cassia to keep your hair color light and bright.