Real People, Real Henna: "Angie G."

Angie goes dark brown with henna

This was my first henna and since then my hair is redder but still dark.

I had chemically treated black hair, by accident.
My hair right now is dark brown with red highlights.

My mix was
4 ounces Ancient Sunrise henna
A mildly acidic liquid
Water to make a workable paste

I put the mix in a gallon size zip lock bag overnight on my counter. I then went into the shower and cut the corner of the bag and used it this way. I put a shower cap over it then a towel and let it sit for 4 1/2 hours. It was so very easy to wash out. I loved the natural smell to me it was like Sandlewood. Since these pix I have hennaed my hair three times.

Notes and References
Don’t have fruit juice on hand? Keep some fruit acid powders in your cupboard.
Mildly acidic liquid:
More info on mildly acidic mixes:
Ancient Sunrise henna for hair kits with everything included:

Video How-To
Going red with henna: