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Sudina Indigo is Back!

All products containing Sudina Indigo (even kits!) are back in stock now.
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Ancient Sunrise Henna For Hair Black Kit Black Hair Color

This black Kit dyes hair a jet black - the deepest, darkest shade of black.

Cool Brown Hair Dye , Henna for Hair Cool Brown Hair Dye

colors gray and light hair a rich, cool, medium brown shade. Medium to dark hair will be a dark rich brown. If you have graying hair, the grays will blend as cool medium brown highlights.

Medium Brown Hair Color - Ancient Sunrise Henna Medium Brown Hair Dye

dyes hair a rich medium brown. All natural henna hair dye restores hairs health and shine.

Ancient Sunrise Henna For Hair Cool Dark Brown Kit Cool Dark Brown Hair Dye

colors light or medium brown hair a cool dark brown. A natural pure henna hair dye.

Dark Brown Henna hair dye - Pure Henna Dark Brown Hair Dye

colors light to medium brown hair a beautiful healthy shiny dark brown. An All natural henna color for all hair types.