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Spellstone Pendants

Spellstone Pendants


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These beautiful Spellstone pendants are designed just for Mehandi.com by Alex Morgan and hand carved from bone or water buffalo horn Every one has a meaning implicit in the design. One is just right for you.


Queen and Mother of Evil Dragons
Tiamat brings the fierce protection of a mother to projects you are nurturing, helping you stay true to your creative vision until you can bring it into being. 4.25 cm


Transformation and Renewal
Snakes shed their skin when they have outgrown it. Wear Serpent when you need to slough off the old, outworn modes of being, and display a brand new, revitalized you. 4.5 cm


Royalty, Visionary,Transmuter of Poison
Peacock's brilliant tail feathers allow you to display your true worth. The many "eyes" give it the ability to see the many truths in reality. It was said that its regal colors come from poisonous plants that it eats with no ill effects. 5 cm

Mystery and Emotion
Octopus can change its shape to fit through the smallest opening. It lives in the deep watery realm of emotion, and brings dexterity and the ability to adapt. Octopus will help you see your way through murky emotional situations. 4.5 cm


Peace and Serenity
Dove surrounds you with the pure white light of peace and serenity. Dove helps you stay calm and approach any encounter with a compassionate heart. 4 cm

An Anglo-Saxon Dragon
Aethelinda is a dragon is of noble lineage, protecting the transmission of power and knowledge through the ages. 4 cm

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