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December 2017
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Catherine's Curiosities
Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD

Henna for Christmas Mass in Sicily, 1184
Christian women in the medieval world of Spain, Sicily, Egypt, North Africa, and the Levant wore henna, and felt it was suitable adornment for the celebration of Christmas. Islamic culture, with its advanced understanding of science, mathematics, medicine and literature, including women’s use of henna, was part of a prosperous and enlightened culture in southern Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire and before the Crusades.
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More on video: "When the Moors Ruled in Europe" a video documentary presented by historian Bettany Hughes" [

Tips and Techniques

How to Fill a Carrot Bag
For root touch-ups, we recommend using a piping bag, also known as a "carrot bag," This video demonstrates an easy way to fill a piping bag. in next month's newsletter, we'll show how to prepare your hair and use a carrot bag to do your roots.
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From our blogs
Ancient Sunrise Blog: "Twelve Ways to Prevent Hair Damage"
Human hair is a complex thing. Each strand consists of several layers which contribute to the structure, shape, and color of the hair. The outer layers are made of several tiny keratin scales (cuticles), which overlap like shingles. The core (cortex) of the hair strand consists of bundles of long, thin cells that contain melanin, the hair’s natural pigments. The hair also contains lipids, or fats, which balance moisture. Additional lipids are deposited onto the surface of the hair via the scalp’s sebaceous glands.
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Becoming Moonlight Blog: "Differences Between BAQ Henna for Body Art, Mass-Produced Henna Cones, and “Black Henna”
If you are either a person who is interested in using henna for body art, or if you are someone who wishes to get henna done, it is crucial to be familiar with what is considered real, natural, and safe henna, and what is not. Sadly, there are too many products on the market which claim to be henna (but they are not), and which can be dangerous to the skin. Knowing the difference will keep you and/or your clients safe. This article will describe the differences, and explain how to tell these products apart.

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