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Ancient Sunrise Body Care

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Amla gooseberry powder
Amla Powder can make henna and indigo paste dye your hair a cooler brunette. Amla paste is also an excellent exfoliating, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial astringent facial scrub.
All natural Hair Conditioner- paraben and sulfate free
Our All natural shampoos and conditions are sulfate, silicone and paraben free. They come in lavender and fragrance free.
Seed body butters
Ancient Sunrise® Seed Butters are cold-pressed and contain no preservatives or synthetic ingredients.
Ancient Sunrise Zizyphus powder
Zizyphus is a desert plant. The leaves were powdered and used to wash hair before shampoo was available. It leaves hair clean, shiny, healthy and well conditioned. It does not leave any color in the hair.
Ancient Sunrise Henna Flower Attar (0.5 dram)
The henna flower has one of the most beloved fragrances on earth, perfuming the arid regions with a blissful scent. Enjoy half a dram of pure henna flower attar. Press a drop onto your wrist and enjoy the slow unfolding of the fragrance of paradise.