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May-June 2018

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This month's special

Lavender for Mother's Day
Treat Mom (or yourself) to a gift of Ancient Sunrise. Through June 10, save 15% on all our lavender-scented products when you use the product code lavender with your purchase.

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Catherine's Curiosities
Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD

Chapter 3, Compound Henna, part 4: Walnut, Silver Nitrate, and Para-Phenylenediamine as Brunette Hair Dye
Why do some beauty bloggers tout walnut as hair dye? Why do some natural product suppliers sell walnut powder for hair dye? They haven't done their homework.

Henna and indigo mixes will dye hair brunette and black colors. The technique of using henna and indigo never did translate very well to mass production and the demand for convenience. Hair dye manufacturers wishing to sell brunette hair dye tried to formulate a walnut dye, but that also didn't translate to mass production and the demand for convenience. For decades, companies injured many customers selling silver nitrate and para-phenylenediamine as walnut hair dye until the national Food and Drugs Act stopped them. Recently, various beauty bloggers have again tried to claim that one can dye hair brunette naturally with walnut, but this segment of the Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair Book will tell you why that doesn't work.

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Tips and Techniques

Applying Lowlights
A video demonstration showing how, with a few simple tools, you can apply lowlights to your hair.

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From our blogs

Full Coverage: Dyeing Roots and How to Rescue Resistant Roots
After the first initial application(s) of henna, there is no need to continue dyeing the full length of your hair each time. Because henna stains hair permanently and does not fade, repeated applications will darken the color over time as henna saturates the hair more and more. If you are not concerned with darkening, or intend to darken the color, you are welcome to continue applying henna to the full length of your hair until you achieve the desired effect.

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Differences Between BAQ Henna for Body Art, Mass-Produced Henna Cones, and “Black Henna”
If you are either a person who is interested in using henna for body art, or if you are someone who wishes to get henna done, it is crucial to be familiar with what is considered real, natural, and safe henna, and what is not. Sadly, there are too many products on the market which claim to be henna (but they are not), and which can be dangerous to the skin. Knowing the difference will keep you and/or your clients safe.

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