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Catherine's Curiosities
Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD

Henna’s Significance in Amazigh Id, Circumcision and "Night of the Henna" Celebrations
Most online articles about henna begin with “The history of henna is lost in the mists of time,” and continue into fantasy, hoping that the reader is not going to press the issue. If you are curious about where and what henna really was before the disruptions of two world wars and globalization, this research paper may interest you. At the turn of the 19th century, henna was understood very differently. Moroccan villagers applied henna for Id al-Adha, circumcision, and the “Night of the Henna". This paper establishes the common ground of these events, and the importance of henna in the celebrations, based on eyewitness accounts from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.
Read more: http://www.tapdancinglizard.com/biblos/significanceofhenna1/sighenna.pdf

Tips and Techniques

Henna mix for adding tone to a beard
A mix of henna, indigo and cassia can add tone to dark blonde hair or a beard without darkening or adding too much color.
See the video:

From our blogs

Should You Be Using Lemon Juice In Your Henna Mix?
Lemon juice is very commonly used as the acidic liquid for dye-releasing henna. It is cheap, easy to find, and definitely acidic enough for a good dye release. Many people swear by it, but just as many say that they can’t use it. This is because lemon juice can be drying and irritating for many. In fact, whenever someone asks why their scalp is itching after a henna application, my first question automatically is, “What did you mix it with?” and 90% of the time, the answer is lemon juice. Later, the customer is thrilled to find that, after switching to another acid, they never experience that problem again.
Read more: https://www.ancientsunrise.blog/lemon-juice-henna-mix/

Becoming Moonlight® Gilding for Body Artists
Becoming Moonlight® gilding paste, used in combination with Becoming Moonlight® gilding powders and glitters, is a beautiful and versatile alternative to traditional henna. “White henna,” and “glitter henna” are becoming increasingly popular. These designs look especially stunning when the wearer is out in the sun, where the designs catch the light. They
contrast beautifully with tanned skin. Spring and summer are great times for offering Becoming Moonlight® gilding paste designs.
Read more:

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