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September - October 2018

Catherine's Curiosities
Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD

“Harquus: North African Women’s Traditional Body Art Volume 2: Paint”
The popularity of darkened brows tempts women to use oxidative hair rather than eyebrow pencil. Chemical hair dye is dangerous to use on the face and can cause severe allergic reactions and blindness. Do not use products sold as ‘black henna’ or pre-mixed henna cones to darken eyebrows. Some eyebrow dye sold in drugstores contains para-pheneylenediamine, and any eyebrow dye should be regarded as potentially dangerous. Google “eyebrow dye allergic reaction” to see the injuries these dyes cause. Temptu from can be safely used to paint eyebrows and temporary tattoos that will last several days. Temptu can be removed with lotion and some scrubbing with a washcloth.
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Tips and Techniques

Using Becoming Moonlight® as Eye Makeup
Becoming Moonlight® mica powders can be used for general bodyart and they're also good for highlighting the eyes.
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From our blogs

How to Apply Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair
In a recent poll, member
s of the Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair Facebook Group overwhelmingly requested a video demonstrating paste application. Your wish has been granted! There are many ways to apply a henna mix to the hair. The best technique for you will depend on your hair’s texture and length, as well as your own personal preference.
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Henna for Body Art 101: How to Achieve a Dark, Long-Lasting Stain

Henna for body art is a beautiful and safe way to adorn the skin. One of the qualities that makes henna so well-loved is its ability to stain the skin for as long as two or three weeks. This makes henna one of the few cosmetics that does not need to be reapplied daily. Henna can last through long celebrations, vacations, and special events.
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