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March-April 2019

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Free e-book for and 15% off on selected bodyart products for St. Patrick's Day
Ancient Blue, Pagan Patterns from Ancient Europe, by Alex Morgan is a sourcebook for Celtic-style patterns for bodyart or any other kind of decorative uses. You can download the book free of charge at:
For easy application of "American Gods" Mad Sweeney blue body art, we recommend painting the pattern on the skin with Black or Prime Blue Temptu, then brushing Ocean or Twilight Blue Becoming Moonlight® gilding powder over the Temptu.
You can see the application demonstrated at:
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Becoming Moonlight Gilding Powder:

Catherine's Curiosities - Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD

The an epidemic of Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) Sensitization
For one hundred years, people have been exposed to PPD in an increasing number of products, and often at increasing levels. The generation of people who in their teens dyed their hair lack to be fashionably punk or Goth, or got “black henna” temporary tattoos have a statistically higher probability of being allergic to chemical hair dye. This is because increased exposure brings increased likelihood of allergic reaction. These reactions can range from hair loss to itching and swelling to open sores and even death from anaphylaxis. This slideshow outlines the cause and effect of allergy to para-phenylenediamine.
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This slideshow is part of a lecture and demonstration series that Ancient Sunrise® can bring to your salon so you can learn how to dye your hair safely, without using chemical hair dye. Join our ever growing number of people who dye their hair safely and successfully with henna.

Tips and Techniques

Black Henna Risks
Warmer weather is approaching and as more people travel and go on vacation, seaside and tourist-area body artists will begin appearing offering to decorate visitors with temporary bodyart. Most will claim they are using henna, however, it's important to beware that many are actually using a highly toxic chemical called PPD.
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From our blogs

Henna Glosses: Debunking Myths and Offering More Effective Alternatives
In the henna for hair world, a “gloss” is usually a mixture of prepared henna and/or indigo paste diluted with conditioner, yogurt, aloe gel, coconut milk, or some other medium. The result is supposedly a more subtle color change along with “deep conditioning.” Glosses are extremely popular and attractive, especially to those who are new to henna. They seem to somehow be easier, less intimidating, and user-friendly. The idea of a subtle color change and killing two birds with one stone by mixing henna and conditioner seems wonderful...right?
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Henna for Body Art 101: How to Achieve a Dark, Long-Lasting Stain
Henna for body art is a beautiful and safe way to adorn the skin. One of the qualities that makes henna so well-loved is its ability to stain the skin for as long as two or three weeks. This makes henna one of the few cosmetics that does not need to be reapplied daily. Henna can last through long celebrations, vacations, and special events.
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