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August-September 2019

Catherine's Curiosities - Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD

Hajj: Formal and Popular Muslim Pilgrimages in Morocco: comparison of Moroccan Amazigh pilgrimage traditions to local saint shrines and to Mecca, and the changes in pilgrimage habits during the 20th century
This paper offers a perspective on pilgrimage to saint's tombs, Hajj, and on the increasing destruction of saint's tombs in North Africa and discusses issues of gender and modernity in Islamic pilgrimage that are overlooked in the news reports of saints' tombs destruction.

Tips and Techniques

Ancient Sunrise: Before and After
We help a client make the switch from commercial boxed dye to a henna-indigo mix.
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Analysis of Products Marketed as Henna for Hair: Part One
There is a wide variety of products available for coloring hair which claim to be pure henna, or which claim to contain pure henna powder along with additional natural plant ingredients. There is no international standard for what can be marketed as henna, and it is often difficult to tell which products are what they claim to be.
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A Comparison of Body Art Quality Henna Paste, Pre-Made Pastes, and “Black Henna”
A little while ago, I read a post by a henna artist on a social media site bemoaning that yet another person contacted her to say that henna was dangerous and that it would cause allergic reactions. This is not uncommon in the henna body art community. Henna paste for body art made from body art quality (BAQ) henna and other natural ingredients is completely safe. This person had most likely heard of the dangers of “black henna.” Then, there are those people on the opposite side of misinformation who believe that if a product is called “henna,” it must therefore be natural and safe 100% of the time. Also not true.
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