Ancient Sunrise Henna of Superior Quality
Be the Most Natural YOU with Ancient Sunrise Henna. BE YOU!

Ancient Sunrise is devoted to providing customers with:

  • The best dye quality henna
  • The best gray coverage with no fading
  • Superior sift for a smooth application and easy rinse
  • 100% Organic
  • Ethically sourced
  • The Best Customer Service
  • Stunning results

Ancient Sunrise Henna is the best on the market!

Henna Benefits
  • Restores Strength and Shine to hair
  • Natural Beauty
  • Clean Beauty
  • Repairs hair and causes no damage
  • Non fade color
We have done all the science for you!
Science and Microscopy of Henna Click Here

The founder of Ancient Sunrise
Catherine Cartwright-Jones has her PHD in Henna. She has over 25 years dedicated to Henna research. Catherine Cartwright-Jones is one of the top henna experts in the world.
  • We do not premix our Ancient Sunrise hair kits because it is NOT a good method. The best long lasting color is a result of Ancient Sunrise research giving you permanent results. Follow our instructions included with your Henna to get amazing color.
  • Our Customer Service is the best in the business. We have full time licensed cosmetologists on staff. They will help you achieve the best results. Knowledge is our most precious resource.
Ancient Sunrise Henna is much better for YOU, your health, your hair and the planet!

Many years of research, lab testing and great relations with our growers allow us to supply our customers with superior quality henna.

Our research provides you
the colors you desire. Using Ancient Sunrise products and custom formulas created by our highly qualified Customer Service staff give you the results you want to see! No fading and the best coverage. Bright Shiny Lush Hair!

Why we lab test:

  • Lab Testing ensures the henna is chemical and PPD free
  • Ancient Sunrise ensures the henna has no additives
  • Microscopic tests proves you are getting the best sift of henna with little to no sand, stems or debris

Our growers are committed to providing Ancient Sunrise with Sustainable High Quality Henna
The BEST for YOU and the PLANET
  • 100% Organic pure plant powder
  • USDA Organic certified
  • Eco Certified
Sustainable Agriculture
  • No pesticides
  • Water conservation using drip systems and collection of rain water
  • Landscaping to stop rain water run off
  • Anti-desertification agriculture which protects farms from losing soil to climate change
  • Renewable resources
  • Composting
  • Carbon Neutral Agriculture
Sustainable Processing
  • Environmentally friendly milling processes
  • Renewable energy including Solar power and LED lighting as well as Energy Efficient machinery
  • Even composting at the front office goes back to the farm
Ancient Sunrise Environmental responsibility policy
  • Shipping by Sea. Shipment by sea has a much smaller carbon footprint than shipment by air
  • Least possible packaging
  • Recycling