Winter Bundles
Great gifts for your friends and family!

Winter Bundles

Great gifts for your friends, family, and yourself!

All of these gifts are 100% natural and eco friendly! I suggest buying for your friends and family, and throwing a bundle in the cart for yourself as well.

Curly Hair Bundle
100g Clarity Cassia
25g Amla
5g Rainwash

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Condition your curls with the Curly Hair Bundle. This bundle is great for all hair types and will leave your hair feeling so soft.
Spa Bundle
25g Amla
Mango Butter
Lavendin Bay Terp

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Take a night off! Try an Amla facial, massage Mango Butter on your skin, and add a few drops of Lavendin Bay Terp to your bath. You deserve it!

Winter Bundle
100g of Zizyphus Spina Christi
25g Amla
Cocoa Butter

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With cold weather comes dry skin. Use Zizyphus on your hair and scalp while enjoying an Amla facial. Massage Cocoa Butter on dry skin. These ingredients make for a lovely treat-yourself kind of day!

Soap and Shave Bundle
Patchouli Soap
Cedarwood Shave Bar

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All natural, hand made soap for all skin types make great gifts. Shave your hairy bits with a gentle shave bar or use the Henna and Patchouli soap on even sensitive skin. We don't add the questionable ingredients and the scents aren't overwhelming.
Shampoo Bar and Lotion Bundle
Chamomile, Cassia, and Mandarin Shampoo Bar
Henna Flower Amber Lotion Bar

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Hand made, all natural, and lightly scented for those with sensitive noses and skin. The shampoo bar is great for all hair types and is great not just for your hair, but the environment. The Henna Flower and Amber Lotion bar is very lightly scented and great for extremely dry skin.
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