November - December 2020 Newsletter & Ancient Sunrise Monthly
November-December 2020

Catherine's Curiosities - Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD

Hindu Wedding by Dipti Desai
November is 'wedding season' in India, following the monsoon season. "Hindu Wedding" is by Dipti Desai, a henna artist in Gujarat, explaining the sequence of parties and rituals for Gujarati Hindu weddings, the meaning and importance of the traditions, and photographs of the events.
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Tips and Techniques

How to mix Ancient Sunrise henna
Mixing henna for hair is easy. You only have to follow a few simple directions.
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From our blogs

Cold Cassia on a Hot Day
A fun way to cool down when you’re feeling a little toasty is to apply cold cassia on a hot day. It’s a nice refreshing feel on the scalp. It’s like that snack you can’t get enough of.
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Body Art and Mental Health
Art has a way of letting our brains speak without using words (1). Body art can be used as an outlet for people who struggle with their mental health (2). This can be done via permanent or temporary methods. However, not everyone who has a tattoo or does body art is struggling with mental health. Whether you’re observing, producing the art, or being used as a model, body art can play an important role in a healing process.
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