July-August 2023 Newsletter

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July-August 2023

This month's featured productSave on our Henna for Hair Black Kit
The Ancient Sunrise Henna for Hair Black Kit will dye any color, even 100% gray, a beautiful midnight black hair color without harsh chemicals or metallic salts.
Now through August 15, save 10% on any purchase of our Henna for Hair Black Kit.

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Catherine's Curiosities - Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD
In 2002, National Geographic TV production company decided to make a documentary series on body art and went looking for a bona fide academic who could articulately deliver henna's history, traditions, chemistry, techniques and patterns in meticulous detail, four part harmony with full foot-noting, bibliography, the whole 60 countries and 9000 years of it. She asked around to find out if such a person existed, got several answers, and called me up. One hour long call later the producer decided I WAS INDEED the "world's foremost henna expert". What’s the benefit of doing a masters and PhD on henna? If you’re really lucky, somebody will notice and send you to Las Vegas.
Read more:https://www.mehandi.com/article-a/458.htm

Tips and Techniques

Henna/Indigo Transformation
A demonstration of using Ancient Sunrise henna and indigo to safely dye hair black
View the video: https://vimeo.com/310450313

Real People, Real Henna
- How our customers use Ancient Sunrise
Each month, we present an article by one of our customers sharing their experience using Ancient Sunrise products. If you would like to be included in "Real People, Real Henna," contact our Customer Service staff for information..
David went black with two-step henna and indigo
I did a double process with Henna and Indigo to achieve a black on my husbands’ dark brown hair, who wanted extra conditioning, and wanted to get rid of dandruff that has proven to be very stubborn.
Read more: https://www.mehandi.com/article-a/439.htm

From our blog
Plant Dye Powders and Seasonal Allergies
Fall will soon be upon us. For many, this means sniffling, sneezing, headaches, and itchy eyes. Some people who are sensitive to hay fever and seasonal allergies may notice that they are affected when mixing their henna for hair, while it is on their head, or after it is rinsed out. This is far from serious, and easy to fix. If this sounds like you, keep reading to learn what may be happening and how to avoid experiencing discomfort in the future.
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