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December-January 2022
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The Ancient Sunrise Henna for Gray Hair Dark Brown Kit dyes graying medium colored hair a rich, dark brown shade and adds phenomenal shine. Our kit dyes even 100% gray a dark brown hair color. On dark partially graying hair, the end result will be warm dark brown highlights, and a rich sheen on the hair that is not gray. Ancient Sunrise Gray Kits contain the best henna and indigo for dying resistant gray hair.

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Catherine's Curiosities - Articles on henna and hair by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, PhD
Henna on Athletes' Foot
Did you come home with Athlete's Foot (tinea pedis) after going to the gym, camp, or the swimming pool? Get out your henna! Henna is an effective treatment for Athlete's foot, and you only need to apply it once a week, not daily. Yes, henna will stain your foot skin and toenails.
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Tips and Techniques
Before and After with Ancient Sunrise
We help a client make the switch from commercial boxed dye to a henna-indigo mix.
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Real People, Real Henna
- How our customers use Ancient Sunrise
Each month, we present an article by one of our customers sharing their experience using Ancient Sunrise products. If you would like to be included in "Real People, Real Henna," contact our Customer Service staff for information..

Anne goes deep rusty red

Here in Denmark the toxicity of hair dyes is the hot topic of the moment. Hair dyes, even the alleged organic ones that are offered by hairdressers have proven to contain chemicals, sometimes lots of them. I have never had any allergy problem with hair dyes, but I have never liked the idea of all the chemicals that ended up in my system, and the dyes were aggressive on my scalp and on my hair leaving it, over time, more and more brittle.
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From our blog

Transitioning From Chemical Hair Dye to Natural Ancient Sunrise Henna Hair Dye
Even though hair dye from the salon or a box may be convenient there are downfalls. Not only can the chemical dyes be drying and cause hair damage some will irritate the skin and scalp. The reactions can be blisters and swelling on the scalp and face severe reactions may require medical attention.
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